Water – The Fluid of Choice

Although I cover water and fluids in general in Wellness Solutions, I wanted to add a bit about it here.  This is because it’s just so important.

12 - Water

Water is responsible for so much in the body that I wanted to bring it to your attention.  There are so many people who prefer to drink almost anything else rather than water.  I feel so sad for those people as they are missing out on so much.

If you want to walk in wellness you have to make water your best friend.  I’ve covered in the PDF some of what water does in the body so I won’t repeat it here.

People do need to train themselves to drink more water, and if it takes adding some flavours to it, then so be it.  Just make sure that the flavours you add are not a mixture of chemicals but rather they come from natural sources.  I don’t mean you can use cordial!

You must learn to drink more water and less hot drinks such as coffee and tea.  It’s fine to have a couple of cups or mugs of those beverages, but that should be sufficient in your day.  In Wellness Solutions I cover a whole lot of beverages that are good for you and will help your wellness and weight loss journey.  Please don’t drink the same thing over and over again when there is a whole world of lovely alternative drinks to consume.

But be that as it may, drinking pure water is about as good as it gets for your body.  You need it to sweat; for urine and to exhale.  All of these will carry toxins out of your body and are extremely beneficial.  

Please don’t tell me that you only drink coffee but you still sweat!  I’m talking about what it takes to really wash your system of these harmful substances.


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