Twenty years ago, my husband had a Stroke

Twenty years ago we were shocked when my husband suddenly had a Stroke. It was a mild one, but never-the-less! I truly believe one of the main co-factors was the toxic environment he was working in.

Now we had been interested in eating for health for quite a long time, and we did eat very well according to our then current understanding.

But my husband worked in a very toxic environment. He was the manager of several large paint and wallpaper stores. Sometimes, for whatever reason, I would go to the store and be there as he was opening up. The smell that wafted out would almost knock me over! The thing is, my husband couldn’t even smell it!

I would almost certainly say, without any doubt, that the Stroke came about because his body was so overloaded with toxins, and one thing led to another.

Trying to heal the body using toxic substances!

Well of-course, once someone goes to a hospital as a Stroke victim, they place much fear upon you if you don’t wish to take their pills. Blood thinners and cholesterol lowering drugs are the order of the day.

During the pill-taking time, we began to notice a number of different symptoms going on in his body, and as we looked them up and researched them online, it became more and more obvious to us, what he was experiencing was now because of the pills.

But he continued with them for about 12 years at least. About that time he was beginning to learn the dangers associated with swallowing these pills, and unbeknown to me, he began to wean himself off them. He did it over a long period of time, slowly, ever so slowly.

But his toxic environment continued. This is what should have been changed up almost straight away, but he had been working in this particular industry for quite some time and had become expect in his field. It was hard to turn his back on it… although we now wish he had!

Fast forward up to the current time…

Twenty plus years ago, we had been learning so much about general health. So much of what we previously would have not thought to query, came under fire. We learned all about the dangers lurking in personal care products, hair care, dental care, cosmetics etc. etc. etc. We made a complete change and rid our home of every toxic substance we could find. Our lives really changed as we adopted a new way of living.

We learnt a lot about the toxic foods we eat. Highly sprayed with insecticides, herbicides etc. etc., so we bought organic and fresh whenever we could. Label reading became the order of the day and we learned to shop around the edges of the supermarket. This is because most processed foods are in the middle section of the store.

I taught on all this. I ran meetings which were fun and informative. Better options were shared, in fact, much better options that were available to us at the time.

Serious studies moved us forward…

Eventually I took on studies and became a Nutritional Counsellor and Weight-loss Consultant. We were right into health and both enjoyed going for long bush walks, seaside walks and any other walk we could find. We were both healthy and very active.

Then one day, C/ovid hit! We listened to the various experts sharing about what it was, and what it was not! As we had previously learned about the dangers lurking in the v/a/x, neither of us considered, even for a moment, about accepting them. We didn’t accept the wearing of ma/sks either and the P/C/R tests. There was far too much evidence around about the real dangers of these. It was ‘No thank you!’ for us.

This tells you what’s really going on
Do you really want to breathe through these?

Imagine breathing, day in and day out as many do, their very own toxins! Let alone what else has been set into them!!!

A second mild Stroke

But unfortunately, on the 29th May, 2024, my husband had a second Stroke. I 100% believe that if we had not been eating healthy, it could have been a whole lot worse. I had been saying to him, prior to this event happening, that he really needed a very good detox. But, he was not that keen… if only…

The one place he didn’t want to go was into any hospital, but that’s where he had to go. Fortunately there have been no mandates in place for mask wearing or testing so he’s not had to face any of that.

So I got busy and did a lot of research. I listed down everything that’s recorded as bringing on a Stroke, and then went through the list and ticked off anything that I could say would be done by us all, and not specifically to him. It boiled down eventually to the toxic environment and emotional trauma. I found that very interesting.

Emotional trauma would be different for each who suffer with it, so I kept that one out, but it’s the toxic environment that cannot be refuted.

Toxic environment AND toxic drugs

So now I can see he received a double whammy… he was working in a toxic environment together with he had been swallowing toxic drugs. I believe his body eventually succumbed.

We have been hearing information from countless doctors who have been standing up against the main stream narrative. Many of these folks lost their practices, but they could not continue, knowing what they know.

One way or another, virtually all of us have experienced being guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies. All I can say is praise to our Lord for He is an awesome God! Nothing man can do to us cannot be undone by the Lord. We must put our trust and faith in Him.

But, we have to know…

Look at what Dr Bryan Ardis has found, and the fact that ‘they’ve’ been doing it for forty years!!!

Dr Ardis is travelling the world trying to alert people to these dangers

The good news is that my husband is on the mend

Firstly I have to say that we have a mighty army of people who know how to pray… and pray they do. I can’t thank them enough for their commitment to pray this through.

Now we now know we have to address the detoxification of his body in a much stronger way than ever before. Of-course, while in the hospital they placed him on about seven different tablets. Blood thinners, cholesterol, etc. etc. We have been dealing with this from a natural standpoint since he came home.

Unfortunately, no matter what you say, the doctors always know best. While in the hospital, my advice to him was to ‘go with the flow’ as he was in no condition to say what he did or didn’t want them to do. As we know they can make life very difficult for you if you don’t do as they say. He’s got enough to deal with without trying to stand against doctor’s advice.

He had dramatic improvement in regaining the use of his left arm and leg. He was placed on ‘high risk’ as for some reason his left leg locks as he walks. Currently it’s still doing it, I’m not sure why. The physio believes they can right it with special exercise.

Well now a month has passed us by. Two weeks in the hospital and two plus weeks back home.

Took my whole attention!

I have to say, especially to start with, it took all my energy and time dealing with it all. The hospital didn’t really prepare me as well as they should as to what to expect, but never-the-less, we got there.

At this point in time, although he slurred his words for a couple of days in the hospital, there is none of that now. Sentences can still get a little muddled up though. But all in all, there has been a massive improvement, praise be to God.

Sure we know that healing can be instantaneous, but many times it’s a process. We do not doubt his total and complete healing and continue to trust this is so. We don’t just pray (asking God to heal him) but we declare it with our mouth and believe it in our heart according to the Word of God.

Declare and Believe!

It is done, no matter what circumstances may tell us.

As he does not live anymore in a toxic environment, we are doing all we can to further detox his body. Drinking lots of pure water, getting the sunshine on the body (even though almost winter here now), activated charcoal, exercise, a variety of teas, etc. I’d love him to begin fasting, small to begin with, but gradually building, but he’s not prepared to go there just yet.


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