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Coffee Boost Drops make a wonderful addition to any nourishing pantry!  If you love a good hot drink, you need these drops to ensure good health.


You see, although most of the world enjoys coffee, often many times a day, the truth is that it carries with it a couple of problems:

  1. Coffee contains caffeine which is a diuretic.  Caffeine has the ability to effect mineral absorption through frequent urination.
  2. This means that it may cause a mineral deficiency.  The body can become quite quickly depleted of minerals that are essential for maintaining good health.
  3. Important minerals that may not be absorbed include:
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Iron
    • Zinc
    • Sodium
    • Phosphate
    • Potassium

Risk of Osteoporosis and Arthritis

Caffeine is also contained in tea, chocolate and cola drinks.

Just 4 cups of any of the above can increase the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis by as much as 500% through the loss of minerals in the body.

Added sugar

Adding sugar to your coffee makes it even worse.  Just one teaspoon increases the rate of loss as much as 300%!  Just think of the large amount of sugar contained in soft drinks!

Coffee Boost Drops

This is the reason they were created by Paradise Nutrients.  

They contain:

  • 74 plus Plant Derived Minerals
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • MSM Sulphur
  • inc Citrate

Naturally it has no added sugar or preservatives and is gluten free.


You simply add just 5 drops of Coffee Boost Drops to your coffee or any beverage containing caffeine.

Are you getting sufficient plant based minerals?

Further Information

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