Suramin can be found in trees, plants and spices which may be growing even in your front lawn!

Jason Shurka was interviewing Dr Judy Mikovits PhD., and he asked the leading question:

“Do you know of any way, to heal oneself from the injuries from the current injection? Are you aware of anything?”

Jason Shurka

ANSWER… by Dr Judy Mikovits Ph.D

There’s an antidote, because these people wouldn’t be injecting people unless they knew the answer. S U R A M I N – Suramin. This is the most important Antidote.

It’s a 100 year old essential medicine, a WHO essential medicine for African Sleeping Sickness. You can inoculate the tiniest amount of Suramin and reverse Autism!

Dr Judy Mikovits Ph.D

I love the way she says that ‘they’ wouldn’t be injecting people unless ‘they’ already knew what could be done to reverse it. But of-course ‘they’ would keep that completely secret and only use it for anyone of ‘their own people’ who somehow was subjected to the j/a/b.

Wonderful natural medicines in the world

There are so many wonderful natural medicines in the world. I love the fact that when God created this world He knew that sickness would become part of it.


Because He knew that we would move far away from the foods He designed for us. He knew they would tamper with our food supply, robbing it of all the necessary nutrients for life and health.

I always come back to the analogy of a car. I’ve used it many times, but it is so true. You wouldn’t just pour anything down the spout of your car and expect it to keep on going, would you?

No, of-course you wouldn’t!

But people of today seem to think they can consume anything they like and they don’t expect that it will make them sick!

You cannot continue to consume fake foods, day in and day out, and for your body not to react to it. Of-course it’s going to react. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Our bodies are built in such a way they can withstand being treated badly for a time, but… it doesn’t go on forever.

God knew a time would come when if our passed-on grandparents or great-grandparents came back for a tour of our supermarkets, they wouldn’t recognise half the ‘food’ on the shelves!

This is a deplorable fact, and a very scary one.

I’m so thankful that we are entering into a whole new era. I believe that most of the fake foods will be removed and people will learn how to eat food they were designed to eat. Our health will be so improved… it will be wonderful.

Being ja/bb/ed with strange substances…

Being jabbed with strange substances and experiencing shedding from those individuals has become a reality in this world we live in. But God knew this would happen and provided an answer long before we required it.

Do we know the complete answer? I don’t know but I do know that God will provide.

People are living in a bubble

I believe people are so caught up in their own little bubble that they have no idea of what is going on in the real world. Many don’t want to allow their bubble to burst as they feel so safe and secure tucked away inside there. Maybe they have never moved on past their time in the womb and need to be wrapped and snug.

So because of all this people take their ‘safe and effective’ jab believing that no-one would do anything to harm them… not unless they are a murderer, or maybe a terrorists! Outside of that, they believe the governments, the medical profession and even their church leaders would never do anything to harm them.

Thankfully, God gave us wisdom in this world!

Abundant healing foods and spices containing Suramin

Here are some certain foods that are known to contain Suramin and Shikimic Acid. These are proving to be beneficial for people who have taken the jab, or those who come in contain with injected people and find they are experiencing bad symptoms.

The simplest and most common of ‘weeds’ are often the very medicine we need to counteract our ill health.

Pine Needle Tea

Suramin (as mentioned by Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD) and Shikimic acid are both found within the needles of the common pine tree.

I was reading just yesterday about the Douglas Fir pine tree. It’s considered almost a pest in New Zealand as it’s everywhere.

It loves the cold, the colder the better. Having its feet covered in snow suits it just fine. It likes to be on the cold side of the mountain and doesn’t do well on the warmer side.

But this so-called pest, this common pine tree, is packed full of goodness!

I believe the White Pine is totally safe as well. Of-course there are others but you do need to do your own research concerning the types of pines in your area. Not all are safe to make tea out of.

Directions on making Pine Needle Tea

Other foods containing Suramin:

This is handy to know if you cannot source a suitable pine tree in your area.


I have always loved the taste of Fennel… yum! These days I get to enjoy Fennel whenever I so choose, and that’s often. That’s because I buy Fennel essential oil (100% pure, therapeutic grade) and drop a couple of drops into my bottle of water.

Every time, before I drink, I give the bottle a good shake. As we know, oil and water do not mix, but this mixes the oil into the water long enough for me to have a drink. As a fair amount can cling to the bottle, the next time I refill it I only add water. Give it a shake and there you have it, another nice bottle of Fennel water! Usually after the 2nd fill I can no longer taste the Fennel.

What a super easy way to give my body Suramin on a regular basis.

I buy my oil from doTerra because of its superior grade.

Star Anise

A strange star shaped spice that has a really nice flavour. This also can be made up into a tea. I’ve currently run out of it but once I source a good organic variety somewhere, I’m going to infuse it and make up a batch of tea to store in the fridge… can then drink it anytime without having to go through the process of making it.


Yes, those pesky little yellow flowers that seem to love gracing the best of lawns!

Unfortunately, the lawns that do not have any yellow flowers have often been treated with RoundUp which is about the very worst thing you can do.

I’ve seen some dandelions in a vegetable patch that were so big I could hardly believe how big they were. Lots of amazing eating benefits in those ones.

But for now, I have taken the route of buying Dandelion Tea from the Health Shop. I am not a total fan of the taste but absolutely love the aroma of it before the water hits it. Still, I do drink it occasionally.

I find one of the best ways to consume a tea that you are not so fond of is to mix it up with one or more other teas. I don’t particularly like the taste of Green Tea either, but when I infuse it together with Rooibos Tea it’s a wonderful drink. And I get the best of both worlds.

So I encourage you to play with these things. If you don’t like something one way, do something else with it until it becomes acceptable. Rooibos Tea has become our all-time favourite tea now.

So there are a few different alternatives. I have others mentioned in this post:

So necessary in this day we live in

(This page contains a link to products for purchase. If you do purchase one or more, I will receive a small remuneration. I don’t ever recommend any products that I do not believe is 100% beneficial to my clients. Of-course it helps towards keeping my website going. Thank you!)

Find a way that works for you so you can enjoy Suramin often throughout the day. Don’t forget to also check what else you need to do to build your immune system strong… it will be more than worth it in the end.


29 Thoughts to “Suramin Contained In These Unusual Foods And Spices”

  1. Jeff

    Just a point of clarification. A lawn treated with Roundup would also have no grass, as well as no dandelions, no anything. Roundup is not sprayed on lawns. Dandelion free lawns are likely treated with 2,4D which kills only broadleaf plants, not grasses.

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Ha ha Jeff… good point! Thank you for pointing that out. I would have known that with a bit more thought. 🙂

    2. Vicki

      But I know that people have sprayed round up around their yards on dandelions and thistles. Not landscapers just the people that own their homes. So if they sell their home…who knows…

      1. Lee

        Yep my neighbors use roundup on their dandelions and many of them have died from cancer even though I warned them about the harm it does.

  2. All parts of the dandelion are edible. When I had an organic yard full of dandelion flowers I would harvest the flowers every morning, sauté them and cook them into my scrambled eggs. And yes my neighbors thought I was crazy when they saw me collecting them. The first shoots used to be used as a spring tonic many years ago. They were ahead of their time back then.

    1. Marilyn Williams

      I love this Diana, thank you for sharing such good information. I love the fact that you are speaking from what you yourself did… excellent!
      Thank you!

    2. Vicki

      Oh my, you made me remember my brother and I when we were young. We loved pickled everything, sour the better. So we picked dandelions and split the stems washed them and put them in vinegar…sometimes eating them before they were fully pickled. ??

  3. carter

    Hi, thanks for this information. Do you have any sense of whether the pine needles are higher than the others in suramin?

    1. Marilyn Williams

      No Carter, not really. Though, the other day I did hear someone saying that the bark is even more powerful than the needles… so maybe that’s something you can follow through on.

  4. Luke Brunson

    How much would one have to drink to get the effects of reversing Autism? How long would it take. We have two sons with Autism and are verbal but are not using full sentences accompanied by the usual jumping, head and hand movements and jumping. Is there one specific product you would recommend? We’ve tried everything else. If this works, it would literally be an answered prayer ! ! !

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Hi Luke,
      I’m sorry but I cannot say exactly how much is required for the reversal of autism. I wish I could. But, I would research it to the uttermost if I were you!
      Another thing I would recommend is that you visit a naturopath. Before going, I would want to ascertain she knows about this and could help you with the right dosage.
      As you dig really deep, you may be surprised what you’ll dig up.
      Happy researching. 🙂

    2. Yo

      Please try butyrate too it helped me

    3. Lizzy Johnson

      Raw Camel Milk can help reverse many parts of autism. It can heal the intestinal lining in a way that other milks cannot, and then healing the leaky gut syndrome diminishes parts of autism. There is a lot of research available on the internet about this. Some places sell powdered camel milk, but I do not think that is as good, and I don’t recommend it. The best kind would be to get actual frozen raw camel milk. Some Amish farms sell and ship this. I have bought this before for myself just for good health. It has a sweet taste and I like it. I did feel better with better health after I drank it myself. I didn’t die from drinking raw milk either. I think that’s an old wives tale. And the raw milk has special nutrients, that pasteurization kills, so it has to be raw milk to work. But raw milk just doesn’t last as long in the ‘fridge, so keep most of it in the freezer and only bring out one serving at a time into the ‘fridge the night before using.

      1. Marilyn Williams

        Thank you Lizzy for sharing this with us… so much appreciated. It would be interesting to know if I can get raw camel milk in Australia… at least in the powdered form. They are SO strict with ‘raw’ over here. It’s such a dreadful thing that they robbed us of such good food and have destroyed it by pasteurizing and homogenising.
        I hope this information helps Luke and any others it’s relevant too.

      2. Lee

        Now days because of C-section and formula feeding many children have allergies and chronic illness because they are not getting the microbes from their parents to maintain their health. The microbes in raw unpasteurized camel milk are very similar to the microbes an infant would acquire from their mothers breast milk.

    4. Lisa Jones

      Hi Luke,

      An extremely good read Fed Up by Sue Dengate. Have sourced many times (E Bay) and distributed to families with and without children.
      Jaw dropping information on all food and the bodies response including learning difficulties.

  5. D

    Dr Judy explicitly says that pine needle tea will NOT act as anecdote, in fact, it can be toxic and has similar properties to terpentine. She was annoyed people were being told to make it

    1. Marilyn Williams

      It’s interesting what’s going on… first she says one thing and then another. One of them cannot be true. As her life is hounded by the ‘authorities’, I’m guessing maybe she has had to back-peddle for the sake of her life. That’s my guess only.
      Too many people have stated it’s what they used with great results. Janet Ossebaard is one from ‘The Fall of the Cab/al’ series.
      I will continue to research it, but at this time I’m not convinced.

      1. Martin

        …and turpentine with sugar taken in a very small dose attracts viral loads to the sugar and the turpentine kills the viral load. It’s a remedy used a very long time ago. “Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”. It was a remedy taken before flu season.

        1. Marilyn Williams

          Interesting info Martin! I have never actually taken turpentine… it makes me think of the turps used to wash out paint brushes and makes me gag at the thought… but I have watched a BioChemist share how to make your own and how to take it. One day I just may try that.
          Thank you so much.

      2. Lee

        It is excessive use that causes the problems. Pine needle tea is very high in suramin. High dose suramin can cause more health issues then it solves. This is why I usually recommend dandelion, fennel and star anise as sources so the person does not get excessive amounts. Using pine needle tea in moderation is fine but many , I am learning believe more is better.

        1. Marilyn Williams

          I appreciate your comment Lee. Sounds like sound advice. Thank you.

    2. Pine needle tea (obviously nothing poisonous as most pine nuts (from all pine cones ) are edible but some are poisonous she was just covering her ass so to speak… ppl have been makin this kinda tea for ages it has high vitamin c and has been used against scurvy for Mariners for 1000s of years

  6. Jo

    Do you know if the dandylion, star anise, fennel or pine needles have to be in tea or heated to release the suramin? Or can you eat them raw or just cooked? Could you please attach links if possible. Thank you, Jo 🙂

    1. Marilyn Williams

      No I am not sure if they need to be heated for the Suramin to be released. But it would be fine to do both. A few Dandelion leaves in salads are good, and Fennel is great to eat.

  7. Linda

    Dr. Jennifer Danials Turpentine and sugar was a bit of a story about a Grand Mother had done for years. She was healthy and lived a long life taking this faithfully. Dr. Daniel’s has now been using this and has no issues and I have been using it also. If interested look up her name and look for turpentine video.

  8. Arteshar Lloyd

    Whatever you do … DO NOT use radiata pine needles, they are toxic.
    Douglas fir is ok, white pine is ok.

  9. Dana Bryan

    Hi Marilyn
    I have a 21 year old son with autism
    I have heard of a study at UCSD using Suramin to treat autism.
    I’ve just stumbled upon upon your site and discovered suramin can be obtained naturally.
    This has me very excited.
    I do you a concern about the med beds and whether the DNA is actually being reconstructed our is it possible that our DNA is being changed-much the way the jab is changed and damaged. I’m worried about the mark of the evil one. Thank you!

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Yes, it can certainly be found naturally. God always has the answer!
      You must realise too that the medbeds are for good and not evil. All good gifts come from the Lord. They do change our DNA in the sense that they take it back to how it was when we were a baby. In other words… perfect! That’s what I’ve been told.
      The mark of the evil one is this: when people sell their souls to the devil by participating in ghastly human and ch/ild sa/crifice so they can obtain more power, finances and fame. These people invite evil spirits to come into them and tell the HS He must depart! The N/W/O and all their minions.
      Try to put aside your previous teaching and open your spirit to receive from God. He truly is speaking much in these days.
      Also, I have written quite a bit about this type of thing in … check out the top menu.
      Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

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