Are you sleeping in scary, toxic contaminated air?

Let’s for one moment take a look at where we sleep.

Beds are a place we spend almost one third of our lives, and of course, we’d like to think we are completely safe there, wouldn’t we?

Well, it’s not always the case, as there are a few things we need to be aware of:

  1. Do you have an electric clock beside your bed?
  2. Is there a phone close handy?
  3. Do you use cotton sheets?
  4. Do you use synthetic blankets to keep you warm?
  5. What about the mattress?

We’ll take a quick look at these things.

Do we have an electric clock beside our bed?

If we do, it’s like sleeping under a power line… did you know that?  Awful thought I know, but the radiation from the clock is hitting you all night long.  An electric clock needs to be a minimum of one and a half metres from where you are sleeping, which means, no hitting the snooze button in the morning!

What about the light shining from it?  Did you know that the light can affect your sleep patterns so that when you get up in the morning you’re not as refreshed as you should be.

Oh What Can I Do?

Remove the proximity of the electric clock away from your bedside table by a minimum of one and a half metres.

Do you keep a phone close handy?

Same thing here.  The EMF’s radiating off the phone if affecting your quality of sleep, and too much of this type of thing has been proven to lead to cancer.  Maybe it’s time for us to lead a simpler life and leave the phone outside of the bedroom.

Oh What Can I Do?

Same as above… remove the proximity of the phone from your bedside table by a minimum of one and a half metres.

Do you use cotton sheets?

I can hear you thinking that cotton sheets are the best!  What’s wrong with cotton sheets?

I don’t blame you, as we’ve all grown up with the knowledge of how good it is to have good quality cotton sheets on our bed.  But… let’s talk about cotton for a moment:

Did you know that cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops in the entire world?  Do you think they somehow remove all those toxic sprays from the cotton before they create bedding and clothing from it?  Somehow, I don’t think so. Think of all the toxic contaminated air you would breathe during the night!

So what does this mean?

It means that you are lying on nice snugly sheets that contain toxic sprays and chemicals, which in most cases, doesn’t wash out even for the life of the fabric.

Did you know that imported cotton fabric/clothes/sheets etc can contain toxic chemicals not allowed for use within your own country. Did you know that even the Chinese are not allowed to use the very same fabrics they make because they are so toxic?  So how is it we can?

Oh What Can I Do?

You need to buy only organically made sheets.

Do you use synthetic blankets to keep you warm?

Synthetic blankets are made from crude oil.  Strange isn’t it?  Lots of potentially toxic chemicals are used to create those beautifully warm and snugly blankets we pull up around our necks on a cool night.

Oh What Can I Do?

It is possible to buy blankets made from natural fibres like cotton or wool.

What about the mattress?

Do you know that according to the law, here in Australia and in many places overseas, mattresses have to be sprayed with a flame-retardant. Yes, you’ve guessed it… very toxic flame-retardants!

How do you stop those chemicals from off-gassing all around you during the night?

Either buy a new organic mattress that hasn’t been treated, or wrap your current mattress in a specialized sleeve which is designed to prevent off-gassing.

I haven’t mentioned everything here concerning our bedroom, but just enough to cause you to think about your situation.  This is what most of us face each night as we go to bed.  Not a nice thought, is it?

There are answers to all these things, but it takes a conscious effort to make the necessary changes so that you can go to bed at night breathing fresh uncontaminated air.

Our Immune System

The less toxins we introduce into our body throughout the day and night, the better able our immune system can keep us healthy and fit. If we continue to draw in toxic contaminated air, we put our livers into working overtime. The job of the liver is to filter toxins out and it never stops. It begins before we are born and will continue until we draw our last breath. It’s a good idea to be as kind as possible to our faithful organ.

Immune System our First Line of Defence

Immune System our First Line of Defence

Our Immune System is our first line of defense!  It protects us against all evil…  all the bad guys – you know what I mean?    Maybe we’ve not taken the time to really think about it, but a strong immune system is paramount to good health. If we have made the decision to enjoy … Continue reading


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