Pine Needle Tea

I want to show you how simple it is to make Pine Needle Tea.

This tea is invaluable as an aid against the symptoms some people are experiencing when coming into contact with those who had taken the v]a]x, or even for those who have subjected themselves to receive the j/a/b without realising what they were doing.

I heard Janet Osse/baard, the author of ‘The Fall of the C/a/b/a/l’ speaking saying that she had come in to close contact with someone just recently vac/cinated and immediately began to experience bleeding. She made up a big pot of Pine Needle Tea and drank about six cups (I think she said) a day. I seem to remember all her symptoms were gone in a couple of days.

I believe that God has provided us with everything we need in nature if we only learn what and how to use it. Pine Needle Tea is a wonderful detox.

Picking and Preparing Pine Needles

To begin with, you need to go find yourself some pine needles.

I have to add here that not all pine trees are suitable, some are poisonous, so it’s important to check and know what you are picking.

We found, on the edge of the forest, some little trees with some nice fresh needles… away from busy roads… also a consideration.

I started stripping the needles off the little branches and lay them in groups on my little chopping board. The first thing I did was group the brown ends so I could cut them off.

Then I chopped them into four down the length of them. I was thinking that next time I would cut them up into smaller sections using kitchen scissors.

OK, all stripped and cut up into a container…

Preparing the Pine Needle Tea

Then I found a large jar.

Time to boil some water. this image shows the jug boiling… interesting isn’t it!

I allowed the water to go right off the boil.

Before adding the water, I added a metal spoon. This is so the spoon attracts the heat and the jar won’t break.

In goes the water and the needles rise to the top. I popped the lid on top.

So the time was just gone 11.25 am.

I left them there for approximately 15 minutes to brew.

Please Note: You may think you might get more out of the needles by placing them in boiling water and allowing it to boil for some time. I have not done this, but I believe the results are more like Turpentine! Most unpleasant!

Once they are brewed, the needles all fall back down to the bottom of the jar. Plus, they lose their nice bright green colour.

I stirred the brew up and pressed the needles against the side of the jar. This was to draw out as much of the goodness as I could.

Remember, pine needles contain a lot of Vitamin C, so it even gets better.

Ready to Drink

Finally, I strained the liquid into the jar I intended keeping it in. It lives in the fridge.
Although the first cup we had was still hot, ever since we have been drinking it cold straight from the fridge. The flavour is light with a lovely refreshing pine taste. You know how you love to draw in the fresh air of a pine forest.

I decided to also add some 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil in as well to give it extra flavour again, and immune boosting goodness!

I wouldn’t be without these oils!

Definitely love the wonderful benefits essential oils give, but this drink is something we look forward to each day.

At this present time, we are just having a small glass per day, together with our other health regime such as…

Our regular Health Regime

If I found I was suffering symptoms from being around v/a/x/e/d people, I would up the amount quite considerably. Remember, your immune system is up to you. No-one else can build it for you.

As Pine Needle Tea is really quite easy to make and doesn’t cost you anything, it’s wise to learn right now and make yourself up a brew just in case it becomes vitally important to you.

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