Good probiotic foods can make the difference between feeling on top of the world, or having a bad day!

Years ago I started adding probiotic foods into my diet, and these days I can’t imagine a day going past without them.

Originally I thought probiotics had to be bought in capsules.  Oh dear, how I hate swallowing capsules.  I don’t seem to have ever been able to conquer doing so.

My main source of potential probiotics was through yoghurt.  Of-course I knew there were “good” yogurts and “hopeless” yogurts in the market place, and bought accordingly. Naturally I went for plain unsweetened yoghurt that didn’t contain all the sweeteners and fillings the flavoured ones usually do.  It’s so easy to add some fruit, a little Maple Syrup or raw Honey etc… why buy artificially made?  To what end?  It’s so unnecessary.

There are a couple of words that tend to be used to mean the same thing… ‘cultured or fermented’.

If you don’t like the word ‘fermented’, think of them as ‘cultured’.

It’s possible to make many cultured foods within the comfort of your own home.  Is it hard?  Not what I do… but I haven’t made everything.

More Exciting Ways

Gradually it came to my attention that there were other ways to provide me and my family with probiotics. 

good probiotic foods

I was quite excited when I realized I could actually make them at home.

Years ago I had bought a sauerkraut in a tin and thought it was really horrible.  Ugh!  No thanks… I’d go without sauerkraut if that’s what it tastes like.  Then I read online somewhere that if you’ve only tried tinned sauerkraut and didn’t like it, you owe it to yourself to try a home-made version.  Well, long story short… I made my own and loved it!  Now I keep some in the fridge all the time.

That was the beginning… I’ve since moved out into other things and am looking forward to trying others. 

I now regularly make at home…(to name a few)

  • Kombucha (Not all the time)
  • Milk Kefir (Sometimes I buy a nice variety I’ve found)
  • Water Kefir (My favourite and so easy to make!)
  • Sauerkraut (Only ever eat what I make at home)
  • Various cultured vegs (Whatever I’ve got on hand and have the whim to do)

I don’t have them running all the time, but there is always a variety of something on the way.

Lately I saw online where someone was making a probiotic out of rice.  It took my interest so I decided to make some.  It’s really easy to do and I end up with heaps of it.  It’s great for all kinds of places… spraying around the garbage bins, spraying the toilet… etc. etc.  Very handy and sooooo very cheap.

As I said, I love Water Kefir!  I don’t ever like to be without it.  You can make all kinds of flavours and two of my most frequent are mint and ginger.  Tastes just like Ginger Beer.  The mint is also so refreshing… beautiful.

Good Probiotic Foods are Easy to make at Home

Making them at home is not only a cheaper method of obtaining probiotics for you and your family, but from what I understand, each one contains different strains of bacteria.   The super good news is that apparently there’s a lot more good bacteria in the foods you prepare at home then is in a lot of the capsules you buy.

You can easily find sites online that tell you how to make many kinds of probiotics.  If you go down that road, you’ll find them fun to make, and really, it’s very satisfying to have good probiotic foods to add into your diet.  

Another to be mindful of is Prebiotic Foods… discover their world.

Please share your favourite fermented/cultured foods with me… I’d love to hear about it.  Leave a message in the comments below.

Warm regards,

Marilyn Williams
Dietary Consultant & Nutritional Counsellor


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3 Thoughts to “Good Probiotic Foods”

  1. Hey Marilyn, I really appreciate your site. I eat pretty healthy but I know I’m not eating perfectly right for my body. I definitely don’t feel as good as I want to. I have made a decision to reform my lifestyle to get as healthy as possible. I already know a lot but based on how I feel I need to know a lot more! I really appreciate your in site. I have recently started making my own Kambucha! and I am very excited about it 🙂 I am glad to know that it is so good for my tummy! I have digestive issues but I believe that most of what ails us can be fixed by diet. I am book marking your page! I am so glad to be able to learn from you and be able to ask questions too!! Thanks so much!

    1. Isn’t it interesting Kayli how you can just “know” you are still missing the mark, just a tad! When you are listening to your body and comparing things it becomes quite obvious is something is not right. I trust that as you continue to improve your diet that it comes to be more than obvious and you can make the necessary changes.

      I’m not there yet neither, I would be lying if I said I was. But as I research and learn and definitely try to apply what I’ve learned. Little by little.

      I’m excited about Kombucha also although I haven’t written that much about it yet. In fact, all probiotics are marvellous for gut health. I’m moving into this area more and more.

      Please continue to share your journey with me because I am certain we can learn from each other. If you have anything that you’d like me to research for you, just say and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  2. I stay healthy a few dfeierfnt ways. Firtst, I walk with my dog every day. We go about 3 miles a day. Next, I work out with my husband at home. Instead of watching tv and sitting on the couch, we work out to our favorite prime time programs. Lastly, we stay healthy by watching what we eat and keeping healthy food in the house. I make a trip to Aldi for fruit and vegetables 1 to 2 times per week. That way we can afford produce.

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