I have been studying and researching for many years, into all things health and wellness. Mostly I’ve done it for my own interest, and to be able to instigate into the lifestyle of my family.

It wasn’t until more recent years, after the business I was running online with a partner, came to a halt, that I decided to go ahead and formalise my training. I’ve studied in various areas, but the main one was nutrition. I am now a certified nutritional counsellor, with a tremendous interest in weight management and nutrition for helping manage diseases.

In this business, every mouthful counts!

Counts towards what, you may ask?

Every mouthful you eat is either building your body strong, or causing it to crumble down, opening it up to sickness and disease.

You see, it’s vital that we have a strong immune system to aid us in warding off viruses & pathogens; influenza’s & sicknesses of every kind imaginable.

As a Nutritional Counsellor, I’m interested in helping you to fuel your Immune System Army (and you really do have an army!) by eating and drinking nutritious foods that keep that army alert and strong.

This internal army is ever on the lookout for invaders into your body. The best thing we can do is to feed them the fuel they require.

Yes, every mouthful definitely matters!

You wouldn’t pour coke into your car, would you? So why do you pour it into your body. Not good for the car… and not good for you.

The car would break down and be parked up as an old heap… eventually your body will break down too.

The other wonderful thing that will happen is that your weight will begin to normalise while all you are doing is concentrating on eating good food.

Your wellness will begin to soar and energy levels will become very bouncy!

Now I am keen to share with many people just what it does take to eat healthy. So many folks tell me they are following a healthy regime, but I know very soon after they begin to talk to me about it that they are sabotaging their health.

I find it sad that there is so much wrong information around and want to help you to find the right track so you can truly find the wellness you’re seeking.

If you’re interested in more information about me, or what my mission and passion are, please click on the links provided.

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Common Sense Weight Management & Wellness Solutions

I look so forward to working together with you.