my mission is to share

I want to share my mission with as many people as I possibly can, what they can do to improve their health.

Not everyone will be interested in listening to me, I know that, but I have much I can share to those who are keen to understand that one of the main things that is destroying people’s quality of life is what they put in their mouth!

As an example, think about it for a second…

  • Cigarettes go into our mouth
  • Alcohol goes into our mouth
  • Donuts, Pizzas, Lollies, Cakes, Soda drinks etc. etc. etc… all go into our mouth!

We can choose health OR choose illness.  Yes, the choice, in most cases, not all… is in our hands.

You see, even our hands play a part as otherwise for example, how do the cigarettes get to our mouth?  The alcohol?  The donuts?

I think we have all developed ‘hand and mouth’ disease!

See what I mean?

If we treat our body right
(pass on the junk foods & eat wholesome),
our body will treat us right!

My Mission Possible!

My mission is to share, teach, train, mentor and hopefully enable you to make some vital changes in your lifestyle… little by little, bit by bit.

I have a background in teaching and developing step by step programs that are easy to follow.  Here I draw on all my previous training to bring to you the best I possibly can.  It’s my desire that you read and understand and then where appropriate to follow through with that which you have learned.

My passion is to teach on the best foods for health… fresh, organic, or at least chemical-free, healthy whole foods packed with nutrition.

As a Nutritional Counsellor, my passion is to show how to use those foods as medicine.

It’s absolutely never too late to begin changing past bad habits for the good habits your body will truly thank you for!

Read about my Passion here.

Marilyn Williams - Mouthful Matters

Marilyn Williams