Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide has been found to be powerful against spike proteins received after accepting the jab.

Spike proteins?

This short 8 minute video explains how the spike proteins are moved throughout your body and what happens:

Let’s get the Fact Checking out of the way…

Chlorine dioxide is a disinfectant and is not a ” cure or treatment for medical ailments.” The United States Food and Drug Administration has warned people that chlorine dioxide should not be used to treat COV/ID-1/9, as it could cause illness.

Fact Checker!

Don’t you love the way Fact Checkers are so concerned for our health? I mean, ‘it could cause illness!’.

Jim Humble develops form of Oxygen Therapy called Chlorine Dioxide

The answers to his own questions led him to the development of a more powerful form of oxygen therapy, chlorine dioxide, which he called Miracle Mineral Supplement. With a mission to help the human race whatever he did, Jim made it widely available in the form of sodium chlorite which the user ‘activated’ by adding lemon juice or vinegar – and medical teams conducted 100,000 research trials in Africa where it was found that MMS would frequently relieve the symptoms of malaria in as little as four hours.

Jim Humble

This same Chlorine Dioxide can inactivate the binding of the variant spike proteins to the human ACE2 receptor protein as spoken of by Dr Byram Bridle in the video above. Go here for all the data.

Remember Jim Humble calls the solution Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS).

How exactly is Chlorine Dioxide made?

You can learn the simple step by step instructions (with pictures) right here:

Chlorine Dioxide = MMS

My husband and I consume this three times every day. Let me tell you a little story… I managed to break a tooth which was giving me quite some pain. Before I was able to organise dental treatment (which I was not looking forward to during this scamdemic) I started using MMS . The outcome has been that I have experienced no pain ever since I began. I simply hold it in my mouth and swish it around like a mouthwash after each meal… then I swallow it.

I also know of someone who had bad abscesses on his teeth. The dentist wanted to remove both teeth but he knew of MMS and said no. He went home and used MMS in a similar way to how I do… the abscesses simply went away and the teeth became strong and firm.

See a complete list of testimonials.

So there are many uses for Chlorine Dioxide, which by the way, as the article above said, can be mixed with lemon juice or vinegar. Part B which is Citric Acid is what came with mine when I bought it.


13 Thoughts to “Chlorine Dioxide Powerful Against Spike Proteins In Your Body”

  1. Joseph

    Quinine at high dosage is known to damage kidneys – especially in high risk cases. At what dosage may Homemade Quinine / HCQ be a problem to kidneys?

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Hi Joseph,

      I think if you are concerned it would be best if you only take the homemade HCQ for the duration of time you are experiencing symptoms, then discontinue.

      I refer you to
      where they say, and I quote ‘Other side effects, such as retinopathy and kidney damage, result only from years of long-term use and have been described as “rare.” ‘

      I can’t see any study that has done a complete comparison between the lab made HCQ and the homemade one. I suspect the lab one would be stronger, but I don’t really know.

      I only drink 15ml in a glass of tonic water at a time, once per day. I do not have any symptoms. We made it and found we look forward to consuming a glass of it each evening. I definitely wouldn’t consume higher doses long term.

      I hope that helps.

  2. Tom McKinney

    Where can we purchase MMS please?
    Thank You for what you are doing.
    God bless,
    Tom McKinney

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Hi Tom… nice to hear from you again!
      I purchase it from a very good bulk store here in Australia. They are great because they are onto all these different concoctions! Of-course I have no idea what you have available to you in Belize so I went search ing online. Here is one place I found for you…
      I have no relationship with this site and only just found it this minute. You could search around though to see what others provide it online… there might be better prices.
      Hope that helps.

      1. Wm

        I purchased from this site recently. Good product. Took 1.5 months to get to Texas.

      2. Dizzi

        Hi Marilyn. Can you tell me please where in Australia you buy this product from? Many thanks ?

        1. Marilyn Williams

          Hi Dizzi,
          I have contacted the store I purchase from and asked them where it can be sourced… I am waiting a reply. Will let you know when I know.

  3. Tom McKinney

    Dear Marilyn,
    Can you comment on this Dr. Steven Gundry – founder of Gundry MD and his very expensive supplement Bio Complete. He seems to think oats, beans, whole wheat bread and a few other things are not Prebiotic.
    Please your opinion in this matter. I tend to not trust him for some reasons.
    God bless,
    Tom McKinney

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Hi Tom!
      Just learning to eat the healthy foods God’s given us will do wonders for our well-being. We don’t need to be making expensive purchases to achieve that.
      I have written a post on this subject you may be interested in…
      I also found another page which some further information…
      Dr Steven puts out long infomercials which tend to annoy me. I’m sure he has some really good products but I prefer, wherever possible, to go the simpler way… your food is your medicine.
      I have written a full course which goes into all the healthy foods (and show up the unhealthy foods) for us to attain tip-top health. It’s currently available for only $9.95.

  4. April Kirkwood

    When can I get in USA. Thank you for being a part of this great new adventure.

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Go to any Health Shop of Bulk Foods if they deal in these kinds of products.
      Outside of that, go to for lots of information concerning it.

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