my passion for natural health

I am passionate about “all things nature”!  There is nothing I love more than to go to a wonderful place to wander around or just sit and enjoy my surroundings.  I thank God for the beautiful places He has created for our enjoyment. My passion for natural health developed over the years and now I really want to share it with you.

I’m also passionate about whole foods… wonderful nutritious, preferably organic or spray free, fresh and real, whole foods… just as nature intended for food for us.

What I don’t believe in:

  • Fad diets
  • “Lose weight quick” diet pills
  • Total food group restrictions

No, no!  None of it is necessary!

My passion for natural health

Let me share with you about all the foods that nature has given to us and how these same foods can go a long way towards healing most everything that is wrong with you.

Yes… virtually everything!

True education, together with understanding,  doesn’t happen quickly… it’s one step building upon another step.  There’s a vast difference between learning and doing.  Many times we can know things, in fact we can know them so well we could easily teach it to others. But the question is… is it a part of us?  Therefore, are we “practicing what we preach”?

I’ve found this to be a reality in my own life.  I’d love to help you to be able to become what you learn… step by little step.

I truly do believe that every mouthful counts when it comes to health as every mouthful you take is doing one of two things…

  1. Building your health up… or
  2. Crumbling your health down

Oh it doesn’t happen straight away, so we don’t actually see it in action… but the body is not fooled… it always knows when it receives real food versus a substance that it doesn’t even recognise as food!

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Marilyn Williams