Hey, I’m Marilyn Williams.

My interest in ‘all things healthy’ began in my 20’s when my sister gave me a book for Christmas about our need for vitamins and minerals, and good wholesome food in general, and that if we are feeding our body right we can side-step most illnesses and diseases.

I was brought up in a home where my parents, particularly my father, tried to instill in us good healthy eating.  We didn’t always take it sitting down!  Sometimes we reacted strongly to the foods they presented to us to eat.  You see, we were seeing what other kids ate… all the white bread and jam sandwiches etc they brought to school.  They always looked a lot more appetising.

When I left home to go on a working holiday to New Zealand, at the age of 19 years was when I finally felt free to eat however I desired.  I can remember buying white rice (we only ate brown at home) and thinking how good it was to be able to choose.  I can also remember that within a short time of eating unhealthier choices how constipation moved in to be my friend… or was it foe? 🙁 

White bread… white rice = constipation!  Along with everything else I mindlessly ate at the time.  I was beginning to realise that I was in control of what I put into my mouth, and it was that which determined my health journey.  I could basically choose sickness and disease or health and vitality.

But it was the book I received from my sister that marked the beginning of a new journey for me.  Over the years I found that I devoured every health or nutrition book I could get my hands onto.

Finally I formalised my passion


It wasn’t until years later that I finally realised I could formalise my training.

In short I became a Certified Nutritional Counsellor majoring in Weight Loss Management with the Health Academy in Queensland. 

I’ve also completed certificates with the Centre of Excellence for a ‘Naturopath Diploma’,  followed by both ‘Hand and Foot Reflexology’. 



I am licensed under the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a Nutritional Counsellor / Dietary Consultant.


Qualifying Certificates

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