Thank you so much for travelling this journey together with me. I hope you have enjoy the series just as much as I enjoyed both putting it together and communicating with you.

I wish you well and hope our paths continue to cross.  🙂

This little general knowledge on health and wellness is just for fun, but does include pertinent information for those who desire to live in wellness.

Ten points are awarded for each right answer except for one answer that gives 5 points… to a total of 245 points – the perfect score.

Please be aware that for every wrong answer you will have 5 points deducted off the total score.

Good luck everyone.  Don’t forget to leave your score in the comments…














Name five foods that contain hidden sugars in them for a possible score of 50 points.














Which four in the following list are very good at hydrating the body? (Adding water rather than removing water)
















Do you remember which fats and oils are healthy?  Please choose seven.














Name the six high protein foods…














Which three food types contain high fibre?


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