Common Sense Weight Management Introduction

With two thirds of Australians overweight or obese, learning to manage our weight has become quite crucial.  

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Becoming more mindful of the way we eat will help us tremendously in keeping our body in shape.  In most every case, it comes right back down to the food we eat that causes us to add the additional kilos… year after year.

I will touch on a number of these things in Weight Management, but Wellness Solutions provides much more in-depth and extremely helpful information that we all need to know and understand.

Is there only one way to lose weight?  I do not believe so!  The reason is that we are all so individual, and what will suit one person may not be totally suitable for another. 

As well as that, we all have our own likes and dislikes.  Whereas I truly believe that we can train ourselves to eat foods that at first taste may not have been to our liking.  I’ve done that many times, and used the same principle on my son (and even my husband)… just giving them a little taste.  Eventually they can end up liking the food.

Not eating something just because the first time you didn’t enjoy it doesn’t seem to be very clever to me.  If it’s going to do us good, why not at least give it a go?

Let me give you a little example:  dark chocolate.  They say that chocolate needs to be at the very minimum 70% cacao for health benefits.  So why not start there… just a little… until it becomes yum!  Once that’s achieved, why not move up to 75%?  You can keep going, gradually moving up the scale until you are eating 95% dark chocolate with ease.  Truly!

Always start off small and work your way up.

Learning  how to eliminate the onslaught of toxins in our lives is another crucial part of the puzzle, while ensuring we are receiving adequate minerals and vitamins, the lack of which is behind many a condition.

Throughout this entire course you will learn how to take control of your own health and manage your own weight.  I’m going to endeavour to move your focus from off weight loss onto ‘eating for wellness’… and the weight will simply vanish as you go.

Each mouthful does matter!  You are either building your health, or causing it to crumble.  Which do you want?

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