This is a general overview of weight management. It takes a good look into what has happened in our world today.

2 - Weight Loss

You may be asking, have I ever had to lose weight?

I certainly must answer “Yes!”

But, when I started seriously on this journey, the goal was not to lose weight, but to improve my health.

I’m going to be showing you some little charts on how weight just dropped off my body, as I’ve documented it from the beginning. It was something I noticed right at the start and I thought to myself… OK, I’ll go with that!

Although I considered I used to eat healthily, I realised I was actually sabotaging both my health and the shape of my body!

Interestingly enough, this is what happened:

  • I discovered a heap more energy!
  • Able to walk up hills or stairs without puffing
  • No more dreaded Reflux
  • A general well-being that keeps me going all day long
  • Now my husband and I go on quite long bush walks and walks around the city… no more problems.