Understanding the Seven Decades of Appetite to better prevent Obesity

I believe this has been set out beautifully by Mike Adams (1), to better help us understand the gradual progression of our eating patterns from a little toddler through to the age of 70 years plus:


3 - Seven Decades of Appetite


Many times, as soon as a little tot is weaned off its mother, it becomes introduced to sugar.  Yes of-course it’s well understood that milk contains lactose (milk sugar), but in many cases corn syrup and refined sugar (sucrose) is added instead of the natural lactose. There are much better choices. (2)

There are many other ingredients found in infant formula which are not doing the child any good.  It’s not a good start in life unfortunately.

Moving on…

It would be really wise for you to find the relevant decade you are currently in… and consider.  You need to spend time thinking about what is affecting your eating patterns at this current time, and looking back, what has brought you to where you are now?

After that… look forward into the years ahead and start to take stock of what you need to attend to if you wish to maintain a healthy, vibrant life.




(1) Seven Ages

(2) Baby Formula

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  1. Eugenie

    Good morning Marilyn, thank you for this information and resources, it’s a life changer. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Marilyn Williams

      That’s wonderful Eugenie! I’m so glad you are finding helpful information as you work your way through. That’s what it’s all about!
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  2. Mary

    Thanks for your help and dedicating your life to helping others improve their health. Your information is very helpful. I bought the book you recommended of George Mateljan on Healthy foods.. I believe I saw that recommended on one of your pages.

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      Hi Mary!
      I’ve been wondering how you have been getting on. I do hope you are enjoying the course. Please feel free to contact me at any time as I’d love to share your journey.

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