Self Esteem

Many overweight people suffer with low self-esteem.  I’m not going to go right into this but mainly to give you a little activity to do that can help to build your esteem.


10 - Self Esteem


We do need to learn to love ourselves as we are, but it’s not always easy to do.  Being convinced that you look ugly, when of-course you don’t, can be hard to turn around.

But it is the way forward.  As you begin to apply what you learn through these modules and lessons, and you start to see results, it will encourage you to turn your thinking around.  The problem is that you need to bring your mind into order first.

This young woman called Anna Verhulst, explains how she lost weight but still sees herself as holding the weight.



Create the new image of yourself and stand in front of it daily.  Begin to give thanks that this new you is coming into being.  In fact, begin to speak as if you are already there.  Therein lies the key.

Operating in the realm of faith begins with the belief that you already have received what you are asking for.  Not that you will receive… but you already have it.  And… it’s very real to you.

Continue to stand in front of the new fridge image of yourself and begin to imagine how your life is different.  Give thanks for that.

I’m not talking about the power of positive thinking… I’m talking about you experiencing a real faith moment.  Allow that moment to become part of every day.  For every little goal you set yourself, give thanks yet again even before it’s achieved.  Do it every opportunity you can.  Don’t give up.

For those among us who are Christians, I’ve learned something really cool:

There was a lady who had lumps in her breast… she had breast cancer.  She used to say each day, some times many times a day that:

“Jesus doesn’t have lumps in His breast, and as I am in Him, I have no lumps neither!”

She would then give thanks.

After doing this for some time, she had further tests done and they couldn’t find any evidence of lumps.  They had all disappeared.

I’d love to hear about your experiences…



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