Health & Well-being

Here we talk about how to set yourself up for a life-time of wellness, rather than sickness and disease.  Who wants that?  Nobody, I’m sure!

9 - Health & Well-being


I love the concept of seeing your food as your medicine.  These day, the pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe that the only help we can receive for our various ailments comes from the chemist shop.  But it thrills me to think this is not the case.  God has provided us with everything we need right there inside the very food we eat.  That is of-course, if we are eating ‘God’s food’!  

What would our Grandparents or Great-Grandparents think?

I sometimes wonder what people from 60-100 years ago or so, would think if they could wander around our supermarkets. How much of the ‘food’ on display would they recognise? 

I think they’d do well while walking through the fruits and vegetables… they might ‘ooh and ahh’ at the occasional one but I think they’d recognise most of them.  Move them on into the meat section.  Yes, they would recognise the various cuts of meat without problem, but what is all that other ‘stuff’ I see in packets?

Continue on and take them around the milks and cheeses and they’d probably talk about how convenient they are… not like ‘in their day’!  They’d see a lot of yoghurt varieties and wonder.

Then take them along all the shelves… packets and tins and countless processed foods.  I can image they’d be there for hours trying to work out what it all was.  On reading the ingredients they wouldn’t recognise most of what they see there.  ‘What on earth is all this stuff’ they’d cry!

As a nation, how far removed from real food we have become.  Convenience is top priority these days.  Sauces, full of unmentionable names, give you a quick, tasty and easy meal.  But, along with the quick, easy and even tasty, comes nutrient-deficiency, which leads smack bang into sickness and disease.

Oh dear… the Microwave Age

We want it quick… in fact, we want it now!  But, you can’t have it all ways.  The microwave age comes at a tremendous price.  Are you willing to pay the price? 

Quite apart from the use of the microwave (that’s another story), do you even know that what you are doing comes with such a huge price tag?  Sure it does, all the boxes, packets, tins etc all scream health claims which ‘ain’t necessarily so!’

Do ‘they’ know what’s healthy for you?  Do ‘they’ even care?  Aren’t ‘they’ more interested in making money… and, they can make more money if they use the correct additives that keeps you crawling back for more!  It’s all win-win… for them!  You think it’s for you, but oh how wrong you are.

Please don’t allow them to fool you any longer.  They’ve had their day with you.  Now it’s your turn.  Health & well-being is in your hands, totally and completely.

Please share with us your experiences.   I know many of you have been on this journey for some time, and no doubt you have learned more than a thing or two.  You’ve learned a lot and we can all learn more if you share your experience.


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