Balanced Weight Management – Part 4

We’re going to look at how blood sugar works and what affects it and then how  to increase your movement to help your body stay healthy.


8 - WeightLoss Presentation (Part 4)


Understanding Blood Sugar and the Glycaemic Index/Load

I don’t think a lot of people understand the link between eating simple carbohydrates and their blood sugar levels.  This is very important to a diabetic, but really, it’s just as important to the rest of us.  We need to understand how certain foods react within our system.  As we learn to listen and take note of what is going on, the better off we will be.  We can learn not to repeat certain actions if we grasp that ‘this happened because of that!’

How many people consume a pizza together with a soft drink?  Wow, that’s a recipe for disaster!  I hope I’ve been able to share it simply enough for you so you can take hold of what I’m saying.

It’s good to remember that protein foods (meat, eggs, lentils etc), fat, water, vitamins and minerals don’t affect blood sugar levels, and therefore after consuming them, you won’t get the sugar high followed by the awful sugar slump.  We need to eat a combination of a protein food, healthy fat and fibre, preferably at the same time.  For example, it’s not wise to eat an orange on its own.  It’s high in sugar and will digest very quickly.  It’s better to add a protein food and some healthy fat to slow down the absorption rate of the orange.  For example, how about a small chunk of cheese (protein and fat).  The fibre comes with the orange.


Increasing your Movement

There are also a few exercise ideas to get you up and motivated.  There is another whole lesson dedicated to movement, but here are just a few simple additions to your day that can, and will, make quite a difference.

Many overweight or obese people don’t feel comfortable going to a gym as they are so conscious of their body shape.  Nobody there will care, of-course, but it’s how YOU feel that counts.

Other people wouldn’t have the money to put into a gym membership, but should that allow them from getting active as their body requires?  No, not at all!  Begin to look for all the countless ways you can move your body… things you are possibly doing already in most cases but you’ve never made the real connection.  Sometimes it takes just a little more effort and you have created a good movement routine.

So, what about you?  What have you been doing to bring more movement into your life?

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