Body Shape Matters

Did you know that it’s not so much how much your body weighs that’s important … it’s how your body looks?  Body shape matters!  You just want your clothes to look good on you.  You just want them to fit nicely.  Right?

Weight reducing diets are not the answer but changing lifestyle habits to lose weight is the way to go.Common sense weight management

Are  you  happy with your weight?

Have you found that ‘happy place’ where you no longer go up or down?

If you have, then you have found your perfect weight!

Don’t let others tell you what you should be because you know.  We all know if we are overweight, or underweight… or just right (something like Goldilocks if you remember).

If you’re underweight, it could be a good idea for you to skip along to see your Health Practitioner so they can rule out any underlying reason for it, but if you’re overweight, I would suggest that it would be a great idea to do something about it.

Hey, you say, don’t you know I’ve been trying to lose weight for years?

Yes, yes, I understand!  It doesn’t appear to be easy.

But let me suggest something to you… what if you were to forget about your weight, no matter how big you are, and begin to concentrate only on building your health?

Body Shape Matters – if you treat your body right… your body will treat you right with nice shape!

That, my dear friend, is what I believe to be the answer to the whole issue of losing weight!   Truly, your body will become the weight it should be (and there is a right weight for you), just by providing the right fuel for it to work with.

Right fuel, is good fuel!  Hey, you wouldn’t pour orange juice into your brand new car would you?  No, you’d give it the best fuel available so you can get the best out of it.

It’s no different with our body… poor fuel – poor performance!  Best fuel – best performance!

One of my services is to help you find your own ‘happy place’.  Helping you and your body to equalise to exactly where it should be.

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Marilyn Williams