complementary health care

Complementary health care is working together with a client’s doctor for their health and wellbeing.

As a nutritionist I will not advise a client to go against the recommendations received from their doctor.  Rather, I will encourage the consumption of good wholesome food.  Also, I will recommend minerals and supplements to enhance their health.

Many times a client comes to a stage where they no longer require medication.  This is because they have been eating healthy foods and taking supplements.  If this happens, I will advise them to go back to see their doctor.  This is so the doctor can re-examine and cease medication if it is deemed safe to do so.

Complementary health care

Receive your quality of life back just by receiving complementary care.  Change the way you eat and experience a vast improvement in debilitating diseases.  By adding vital minerals and vitamins into your daily diet your energy levels can improve out of sight. 

Because our lands are deficient in minerals, our food supply has also become deficient.  This means even eating salads and vegetables is not supplying you with the nutrition you think they are.  To add to this, even when you eat animal foods, if the animals have been feeding on plants that are mineral deficient, you once again are not receiving the amount of nutrients your body requires.

So the main thing to understand is that as a nutritionist, I will be working to supplement your diet.  I recommend known foods and supplements at my disposal, as I work towards you experiencing a better quality of life. 

Disease often is caused by no more than missing a few minerals.  Add missing nutrients back into your diet, many times the sickness, illness or disease can disappear.  This is better than you having to rely on prescription drugs for the rest of your life.

I make no promises but if you are mineral deficient, it’s time to turn it around!

For more understanding on the type of minerals you should be consuming