Every mouthful counts towards health

If you are wanting to live a healthy life, bypassing illness, sickness and disease, you will need to understand every mouthful counts towards health building.

It’s true.. either every mouthful is:

  • Building your health up… or
  • Tearing your health down!

Virtually literally!

Being mindful of the things you eat and learning to pass on the ‘tearing your health down’ foods; concentrating on eating only the foods that ‘build your health up’.

It’s not really that hard as I’m here to help you understand that you will experience a lot more ‘get up and go’ if you forego on all the sugar-laden, highly processed, additive and preservative goop-filled so called ‘foods’, and instead learn to reach for a luscious piece of fruit or quality food whenever hunger strikes.

Do I always follow my own advice and never eat pizzas or donuts?

I live by the principle of ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and accordingly have always followed this.  What it means is that if I’ve been invited to dinner at a friend’s home, I eat whatever they put before me.  I don’t waste any mental energy on worrying should I eat this, or should I eat that.

No way!  Just eat and enjoy… eat and be thankful.

Come on… life should be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible.  At the end of the day it’s not going to make a whole lot of difference what I eat on the odd occasion, just so long as the rest of the time I’m passing on the junk and eating wholesome as the body can handle the odd misdemeanor!

Every mouthful counts towards health and vitality

Following ‘every mouthful counts’ means you are practicing mindful eating where you are mindful about everything you put into your mouth. 

You need to consciously ask yourself –

  • Will my body receive nutrition from this?
  • Does it contain sugar and/or refined flour that will clog up my system?

You won’t have to do that forever of-course, but you may need to for awhile until it becomes second nature to pass on some ‘foods’ and pick up something that will do your body good.


Marilyn Williams - Mouthful Matters




Marilyn Williams