Paradise Nutrients - Sparkling Minerals

Let me show you the Paradise Nutrients Overview of Product Range. They supply me with the kind of minerals (and vitamins etc.) that I like to consume as I know they’re doing me good!  

This great Aussie company has brought out a range of cost-effective minerals that I think it would be hard to find anywhere else.

They are wonderful plant-derived minerals, the kind our body yearns for.

Where do Paradise Nutrients’ minerals come from?

Paradise Nutrient minerals - where they come from  

Paradise Nutrients overview of product range

Image extracted from Paradise Nutrients Training Manual


Paradise Nutrients Overview of Product Range

They have produced a great variety of products incorporating these superior minerals that are easily assimilated by our body: 

  • Sparkling Minerals drinks (yum!)
  • Minerals and Vitamins through capsule or powder
  • Table Minerals
  • Super Foods
  • Drinks and Tonics
  • Medicinal products
  • Weight Loss products
  • Hair and Body care
  • Personal care
  • Skin care
  • Home and Laundry care

Imagine high quality minerals being added to your skin care, or receiving minerals through your shampoo and conditioner.  Beautiful products designed to help you be healthy while doing the expected job they are supposed to do.

Extensive Mineral Range of Products

They have also created many ranges for our pets, fowls, stock, farm and backyard gardens.

If you are not receiving your daily supply of minerals one way, you’ll pick it up another!

If you have ever wondered if you could be lacking in minerals because most foods grown these days is definitely mineral deficient, why not slip on over to my Quick and Easy Symptoms Checker.  This is not a diagnostic tool, but rather is provided so you can get an idea. 

The only safe method of uping mineral supplementation in your diet is to take the full-spectrum rather than individual minerals.  The only time I would say that was safe to do is when it’s prescribed by a health practitioner.

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