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Basic requirement

The two most basic requirements of the human body are minerals and water.  You need minerals for health because a deficiency in any one mineral can cause a whole variety of illnesses.

Many people who wish to look after their health buy a multi vitamin supplement, usually with a few necessary minerals thrown in.  But do you know, that the few minerals added to these vitamin supplements are sadly lacking in reality.

plant derived mineralsThe land used to contain well over 75 minerals, many with names you have never even heard.  These days, our agricultural land, world-wide, is totally deficient.  This is generally owing to over-cropping

because they reuse the same land time and again for the same crops.

Indigenous people, and people who pioneered throughout countries, knew and understood the need to work the land for a period and then move on.  This would allow the original land to remineralise again.

These days, the most common minerals usually added back into the ground, are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.  They do all play an important role in the plants growth. But those three are not sufficient when it comes to the produce being consumed.  What about the other 72+ minerals?

Our body consists of mainly water which is responsible for a lot of roles…  carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells;  cushioning of the joints; lubrication etc etc and a small amount of minerals (around 6%).

The full spectrum of minerals is absolutely essential to health

plant derived mineralsMinerals are absolutely essential for a whole variety of functions right throughout the body. Functions like turning food into energy; building good strong bones and teeth.  For blood and nerve functions, muscles, skin… the list goes on.  In other words, without minerals our body cannot function correctly and a deficiency can cause disease and illness.

But, many think of minerals as metals like mercury, iron, aluminium, etc as we are used to seeing them.

Although these are the same kind of minerals we are talking about, they are not in a state that can be easily absorbed by our body. 

On top of this, some metallic minerals can also be poisonous to our body, so they have to undergo a change first and turn into the type of nutrients that our bodies require.

Metallic Minerals become Plant Derived Minerals this way…

  1. The rocks that contain all these mineral components break down and become soil.
  2. The plants grow in the soil and feed on the tiny particles of minerals it’s composed of.  Through the process of photosynthesis the plant changes the rock or metallic minerals into a form known as colloidal.  We refer to these minerals as ‘plant derived minerals’.
  3. Then we come along and pick the plant that contains the plant derived minerals and consume it.
  4. Now the colloidal minerals are fully absorbed within our body and can be used for all the functions they are required for.

In addition to this, between #3 and #4 we could insert… an animal eats the plants, and then we eat the animal.  This is one of the main ways we can get a good supply of necessary minerals into our body.

This is how it should be… as we eat the plants we receive all the nutrition we require for good strong healthy growth.  But as mentioned above, as our soils are deficient, we are not receiving all the minerals that typically should be contained within the plants we eat.  If the minerals are not in the ground, they can’t possibly end up in the plant.

So we now live in an age where good solid supplementation of minerals is absolutely necessary.

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