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Therapeutic nutrition provides disease management for those suffering an illness, a sickness or a disease.  Wellness matters… it can change our whole outlook on life!

Don’t we want to be well enough to do all the things we want to in life?  Of-course we do.  There is nothing worse than sickness or disease getting in the way.

Did you know you could be simply lacking in certain nutrients?

If you knew what they were and were able to apply them into your diet, you may just turn that illness around.

Nutrients, and nutrition in general, have the ability to protect you from disease and once applied appropriately have the ability to restore health.

Food, although an important aspect of your health, is really only a part of the equation… but it’s a very major part indeed.

Five aspects of a healthy life:

  • eating fresh, wholesome food
  • getting the correct amount of sleep
  • how much you move your body throughout the day
  • the amount of water you consume… and
  • enjoying a little sunshine each day if you can for your Vitamin D!

Nutritional therapy works with the client to help them find their peak performance through individual care.  This is a complementary medicine approach, and not a replacement for medical advice.  If any ‘red flags’ are raised, it is suggested you seek the advice of your medical practitioner.

How can you help with Therapeutic Nutrition?

Our base requirements are made up of two substances… water and minerals.  We can run into all kinds of trouble if we lack in either of them.

Our typical farming and agricultural farming methods, generally are lacking in many of the nutrients that are required by plants to provide us with the health we need.  As farming methods don’t add many minerals to the ground, or because they grow crops in the same area over and over again, the soil runs out of puff!

But what they put in the ground is not the kind of minerals our body require.  They are crushed down rocks.  Our body can only absorb and utilise plant minerals… not rocks.  The plant absorbs the rock minerals and then we can absorb the plant minerals.  That’s how it works.

I can show you what to take, where to get it and how much to take.

There are certain supplements that could be beneficial to you to help you recover quicker.  I can suggest to you what they are and how to use them.

Wellness matters!  Always do everything you can to look after your health.  

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Marilyn Williams