food - good and wholesome

Natural whole foods are medicinal… is that a new concept to you? Do you know that many indigenous societies truly believe that food is their medicine, that is… natural, organic, wholefoods.   They’ve been following that concept for many hundreds of years using it for medicinal purposes.

What you put into your body is the foundation of good health.  “Every mouthful counts” is my motto!

We’ve all heard of Hippocrates haven’t we?

Hippocrates Light
Many  years ago, in fact around 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates declared that “Food is Medicine” and even went as far as to say “Leave  your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food”!

You see, the doctors of long ago all imparted their knowledge of food and used it for medicinal purposes with their patients.  These days, science has made it more than clear that food does play a major role in the health of us all.  If  natural whole nutrition from food can do this for us, why aren’t we all consuming that type of food?  Why do we put up with being sick and not living optimally for the sake of feeding our body the nutrition it truly desires?

It actually doesn’t make sense does it?  As a society of people we have all moved away from the ‘tried and tested’ methods of our forebears.  We moved into a host of what I like to call ‘pretend foods’!  When we go into the huge supermarkets we become overwhelmed with the immense variety of choices before us.  On the packets, words describe the contents as ‘healthy’!  They tell us how they will provide us with many wonderful benefits if we will just buy them!  “Take us home with you” they cry!

We live in a delusional world, where things are not as they seem, but we are so used to it…  it’s just the way it is.

I believe in Natural Whole Nutrition

As a Naturopathic Nutritionist, I stand with the concept that organic whole foods are as medicine to the body.  Most of what you find in the supermarkets  is hardly recognised by our body as food.  I can imagine the little guys down on the inside of us scratching their heads wondering what to do with the substances that slip down into our stomach.  “What to do?” … “What to do?”

But the tide is gradually turning as many people are returning to whole and nutritious foods.   They are endeavouring to find effective answers to their many health complaints.

When we feed our body with the nourishment it’s calling out for, many common conditions just melt away.