Being proactive

Are you being proactive with natural whole foods?  This is if you want to continue being healthy right into old age.  You need to start right now!

Don’t wait until you are sick before thinking about the kind of foods you eat. You need to be continually building health and wellness.  You see, it doesn’t happen overnight and something that should be acted upon on a daily basis.

To your body, every mouthful counts!  It doesn’t just turn a blind eye.  It to deal with all ‘food’ eaten, nutrient by nutrient… or should I say… nutrient deficient by nutrient deficient!

Sure, on the odd occasion, it’s fine to eat a take-away or some other nutrient deficient food, just as long as the rest of the time you are concentrating on building your health.


This is called being proactive

Building up your health reserves is the way to go.  It will hold you firm against the many diseases that can and will come as a result of reckless and careless consumption.

In this day and age, many have no idea what true healthy eating is all about.  Some have a concept that healthy eating means boring and uninteresting foods, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do you know how good it is to drink some sumptuous beverage knowing that it’s doing the body good?

Can you understand how satisfying it is to finish off a meal knowing that the body is delighted with all the wonderful nutrients they have to work with?

You have a choice to make:

Are you being proactive?  You can virtually choose your own destiny.

Do you want to drag around kilos of extra fat that stops you enjoying your life to its fullest extent, or do you want to be able to do whatever you decide is a fun thing to do?

It all comes down to what you are putting in your mouth!

You can’t blame the doctors, or your partner, or even your dog!  You make the choice every time you sit down to eat.

But… I need to say here, in a sense it’s not your fault because we have been lied to for 25 years or so about what is healthy and what is not.  On top of that, the manufacturer’s have had a field day concocting foods they claim are healthy when in reality they are far from being so.

I ask you to stick by me and learn the good from the bad.  You can do it… we can do it together.


A Workshop designed for you

Take the Common Sense Weight Management  course together with the Wellness Solutions course as they are chock full of all the basic things you need to know to find true wellness again.