Common Sense Weight Management

The Common Sense Weight Management Course has been written using a great deal of ‘common sense’!  Have you heard the way baby birds squawk very loudly for their food?  My goodness, mum and dad had better hurry up with that worm or the baby birds are going to bring the house down.  Not literally I hope!

People are crying out everywhere to know and understand what they should do if they desire to lose weight.  They have tried… everything!

I don’t think it’s literally everything, but they have often tried time and time again to follow a set of instructions and yet… they still end a shipwreck.

I feel so sad for these people, that means I feel really sad for you… my reader… if that has been your experience.

My Journey

Over time I gained weight and without realising it I found myself nudging the line of obesity!  I couldn’t believe it.  Sure, I had had to invest in more roomier clothing as time marched by, but I NEVER thought of myself as obese.  Other people end up there, and yes, I knew my husband was there, but me… no way!

It wasn’t until I decided to seriously take a look at how much I weighed and measured, that the ‘penny dropped’!  That was the biggest wake-up call for me and I just knew that I had to drop the weight before another gram found itself sneaking into one of my fat cells.


But I had learned a lot

I’d been studying and this was a big reason why it happened the way it did – too much time spent sitting in front of the computer! 

I knew that what was being projected as the way to lose weight missed the mark in a bad way.  You see, the Big Food corporation ended up becoming involved with weight loss as it was such a huge market.  Should we trust the food manufacturers to lead us in the right direction?  I think not!

You cannot idly pick up all the tubs and containers, packets and tins that scream out at you that they have the answer… if you eat them you’ll end up slim!  Just make sure you eat a lot of them please… pretty please!  Don’t bother with all that label reading because we are here to look after you!

Nope, that was not for me.  I made a decision right then and there that I’d go the way of eating real whole foods the way I believe God intended for us to eat, and I was going to leave all the packets and tins sitting right there on the shelf.

It wasn’t really fair of me to do that, you know… because by doing that I left them there for you to be tempted by!  πŸ™  Oh well, I can’t do too much about that, can I,  but I can do something to help you now.


Common Sense Weight Management – is this your focus?

So my whole focus has not been on losing weight, it’s been on eating for health.  I don’t even have any junk foods in the house.  This includes refined goods such as flours and breads.  I will have on occasional sourdough bread, but not often… and only a little bit when I do.  Is this because I’m concerned about weight loss?  No, absolutely not.  I’m concerned more about where the grains come from and… were they doused with sprays?

You see, eating for health takes care of just about every angle.  Become more concerned about the quality of the food you eat rather than the refined counterparts.  I can just about make a healthy version of any recipe.  I just swap ‘this for that’… the wholesome for the unwholesome.  It’s not that hard you know!  You’ll see where I enjoy a ‘Take-Away Tuesday’!  This is when I think of something you can buy take-away, and then create a healthy version of it at home… from pizzas to lasagna using my own version of pasta sheets!  It’s easy, you can do this!

Does this mean I never eat cake… or biscuits?

Well, who said that?  Did I?  Don’t remember!

There are so many truly healthy ideas for cakes, biscuits or anything else you can name.  Why should I go without?

But don’t they add weight on?

Haven’t noticed!  Food has been made to eat and guess what… I intend to eat it!  I just insist on quality foods, that’s all.

The poor old car example gets used time and again, but it’s so true.  Who in their right mind would pour lemonade into a top quality car (or any car for that matter), and expect it to run?  It doesn’t happen.  So why, oh why, are we humans pouring all kinds of non-foods down our throat and expect our body to work correctly?  I think it’s almost a miracle that our body works at all, especially in this day and age of fake foods being consumed around every corner.

What we need is some good old common sense weight management.  There are enough fad diets to do us for eternity, don’t you think?


What this program covers

Some of you are in the more mature range and feel that becoming slim again is way beyond your reach.  It may take a little time but you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make to you.  You know what they always say… it’s the journey that counts more than the actual destination.  Let’s enjoy this journey together.  Yes, there will be ups and downs along the way, but what road doesn’t have that?  Come together with other like minded people and jump the train together.  You won’t be sorry.

This program covers some of the main topics and comes with various tools to use to map where you are on the weight charts, and to show you how to begin your journey back into the healthy body you’ve dreamed of.  It can, and it will happen.  It’s just a matter of you taking your focus off a weight loss program and placing it firmly into a wellness program.

Written in 14 segments, designed to be easy to read, understand and follow:

  1. Introduction
  2. Weight Loss
  3. The Decades of Appetite
  4. Metabolism
  5. Balanced Weight Management (Part 1)
  6. Balanced Weight Management (Part 2)
  7. Balanced Weight Management (Part 3)
  8. Balanced Weight Management (Part 4)
  9. Health & Well-Being
  10. My Self Esteem
  11. My Measurements
  12. Water – The fluid of Choice
  13. Fruit & Vegetables Love Affair
  14. Move Move Move your Body

‘Common Sense Weight Management’ runs hand in hand with ‘Wellness Solutions’.  They completely complement each other.  

I follow along with your journey so I’m there to answer any of your queries or questions that are bound to arrive as you continue through the program.  I look forward to meeting up and working with you.  Don’t forget to interact with me… it will be fun. πŸ™‚

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