Laughter is Important

Laughter is Important

‘Laughter is Important’ is a little Stress-Break for you. Here we take a quick look as to why laughter is important to our health. Let’s begin with a little story:


Taking a Woman to Bed


girl nursing doll

At age 8… You take her to bed and tell her a story.

woman aged 18 shopping

 At 18… you tell her a story and take her to bed.

Laughter is important - Woman aged 28 being sexy

At 28… You don’t need to tell her a story to take her to bed.

Woman aged 38 smelling red roses

At 38… She tells you a story and takes you to bed.

Woman aged 48- yapping in his ear

At 48… She tells you a story to avoid going to bed.

Man snoring in bed

At 58… You stay in bed to avoid her story!

Man and woman aged 68 snuggled up in bed

At 68… If you take her to bed that will be a story.

laughter is important

At 78… What bed? What story?  Who the hell are you?

(Author Unknown)

Why Laughter is Important

Go on, have a laugh!  Don’t they say that laughter is the best medicine?  Laughter can do many things. According to the Mayo-Clinic:

In the Short Term…

It can:

  • Stimulate organs such as heart, lungs, muscles.
  • Increases the endorphins that your brain releases
  • Stimulate circulation and cause your muscle to relax.

In the Long Term…

It can:

  • Improve your immune system by increasing positive thoughts – helps to fight stress
  • It can relieve pain
  • Helps you to cope
  • and definitely… improves your mood!

When you think about it, laughter should be prescribed for us.  Our doctor should tell everyone to go home and have a good laugh!  Then they should ask us to come back in three weeks time if our symptoms have not improved!

Wouldn’t that be a turn-around?

Try to make a point of having a good laugh every day.  If you feel you have nothing to laugh about, do your best to find something… a joke… a book… a movie… anything that causes us to have a good belly laugh.

And do you know the best thing of all?  It’s free!  That’s right, they haven’t worked out a way to tax us on laughter just yet, so be thankful for that.

Have you got any good ones to tell us?  Sure love to hear them.  Please leave a comment down below, a joke if you like… anything that will help us to fight stress and relieve pain!  This is why laughter is important… it keeps us all sane!


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