Shape up with berries and nuts on yoghurt

Shape up!  Isn’t that what we all would like?

Sometimes it appears that the whole world has gone crazy on weight loss diets.  Diets, scales, BMI, measurements… hungry, oh so hungry I could eat a horse!


Do you know?

Unfortunately Australia-wide, 63% of all adults are obese or overweight.  Apparently it’s around 28% for obesity.  That’s huge!  No pun intended!


But the reality is we are not that interested in losing weight!

“Oh  yes I am” you may say to me.

“No” says I… ” you are more interested in changing your shape!”

You don’t care what the scales say!  Think about it… when you look into the mirror, it’s not the weight that bothers you?  It’s your shape!  That muffin top?  The excess belly?

You think to yourself that if you could just lose them how much nicer you would look in your jeans!


Shape up

I want to say to you that you need to forget all about going on a diet.

I can  hear you saying… “Well how do you think I’m going to lose this weight?”

And I’m going to say… “By learning to eat healthy food… that’s how!”

Come on, do you even know what healthy food is?  So many don’t.

I’m not having a go at you, far from it actually, I’m simply stating a little truth.


Substitution helps you shape up

It’s all about substitution.  Learn to substitute ‘this for that’.  You don’t have to go without.  No-one likes to go without.

I can show you what you would be better off eating or drinking than what maybe you currently are consuming.

That’s my job!

Continuing to go from one diet to another is only making things worse for you.


Because each time you go on to a weight loss diet and give up, your body works against you.  It ‘toughens up’ the next time you try.  You know, don’t you,  that on giving up a diet you always put the weight back on.  It’s inevitable. While ever you continue in your old habits, the weight will return.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.


I’d really like to help you

You can begin by taking the Common Sense Weight Management course and/or the Wellness Solutions course. It contains a vast array of necessary basics and ‘must know’ items you really need to know to learn to be proactive. 

Understand how to be proactive with your weight and wellness. 

Learn to avoid the countless sicknesses and diseases that are part and parcel of being overweight (or underweight for that matter). 

Even if you don’t have a weight problem, you still need to be eating correctly.

You have the opportunity, throughout the lessons, to ask questions of me which I’ll do my best to answer for you.

There’s nothing to lose really… except being less prone to sickness and disease… and any excess weight!

Begin today to shape up into the image you really want to be.