Wellness Solutions Course - Module 1

 Wellness Solutions Course Module 1 is the foundation for all other lessons in the Wellness Solutions course.

Wellness Solutions Course Module 1 contains:

  • Introduction to Wellness Solutions
  • The Seven Pillars of Balanced Health – come with me as together we discover how strong and sturdy your Freedom Pillars are. 
  • Shows you where you need to concentrate more on in your life to bring about a balanced you.
  • Begin the most important change you need to implement into your lifestyle.
  • Can you make S.M.A.R.T. changes?
  • Different eating styles and their benefits.
  • Examining three major diet types
  • What is a healthy eating style?
  • My Uncle goes bananas!
  • Make sure you miss out on these horrible toxic substances which could be part of your daily life.
  • Without this we die!
  • Making a mistake in this is more than costly!
  • Find out how to tell if the water you drink is actually safe.
  • When drinking water are you consuming more than you bargained for?
  • Good enough for the Nazi’s to use… is it good enough for you?
  • We swim and bathe daily in water containing a terrifying ingredient… are we happy enough with that?
  • Are you aware of the deceptive marketing that’s all around you?

Freedom Pillars of Balanced Health is a great activity for you to go through so you can find out exactly how sturdy your pillars of health are.  This in turn will be a wonderful aid so you can determine why you have some of the symptoms you may currently be experiencing.

Sometimes its a good thing to dig a little deeper ourselves rather than just relying on what the doctor tells us.  This series of lessons is designed to do that.

Together we will dissect a select number of diets to find out what’s good or not so good concerning them.

Do you know what the Australian Nutrition Foundation suggests is a healthy way to eat?  My lessons will cover all aspects of it by the time you’re through.

We also take a wander through some of the deception that manufacturers use to encourage us to buy more of their products.  You need to be aware otherwise you’ll fall for it time and again.

Module 1 is available on it’s own for $1.95 AUD, although it’s better value when purchased as an entire course.  To learn all the aspects of wellness, you will need the whole course to bring it all together.

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