Wellness Solutions Course Module 2

Wellness Solutions Course Module 2 contains:

  • This condition has been found to be associated with just about every health condition imaginable!
  • Understanding both good and bad inflammation.
  • Discover the foods that cause fire within, and the foods that put out the fire.
  • This affects every organ and every disease state!
  • Are you sometimes moody and depressed?  This has a huge affect on your moods.
  • Is your internal clock out of whack?  What causes that?
  • Understanding digestion
  • Nutrition and empty calories.
  • What presses the ‘Hunger button’?
  • Discover what those evil creatures are that live in your closet!
  • What does your body receive when it cries out?
  • Is it fat that causes heart attacks?
  • Find out what causes inflammation of your liver.
  • Depressed?  Find out what you can do.
  • What increases the risk of breast cancer?
  • Do you know how much sugar is in that drink?
  • Be educated in what foods are doing you in.
  • What is made by the same people who made Agent Orange? Could you trust them?
  • Learn healthy substitutions so you can eat this and not that.
  • Find out a natural, zero-calorie alternative you can use for sweetening.
  • Be blown away by the list of names designed to confuse you.
  • Can you really be addicted to items in your pantry and fridge?  Real addiction.
  • Kicking the addiction.
  • What you can eat to help the ‘good’ bacteria in your colon.
  • List of healthy and yummy staples for your kitchen.
  • Does the witch visit you?  You might be surprised!
  • Paying a HUGE price for your love affair!
  • What about parasites?  Well, what about them?
  • Learning how not to fall into the big black hole.

So often, in our busy days, we pay scant attention to what we eat throughout the day.  It’s not because we are not interested, or even concerned, it’s just that everything else tends to take priority.  Just as long as we eat something that ‘fills the hole’ and allows us to keep working we don’t give it too much more thought.

It’s just this very thing that is wrecking havoc in our bodies and giving us all kinds of symptoms that we’d rather not have.  Things don’t ‘just go wrong’ in our bodies… not at all… it’s usually related to the fuel we are consuming on a day to day basis.

It’s no good thinking that we’ll do something about it tomorrow, it has to begin today.  You know what they say ‘tomorrow never comes’!  We hear it all the time from smokers who are ‘going to give up… soon’!  We all know that unless they receive a huge wake-up call, they’ll keep sucking on those things for as long as they can.  It’s called addiction!

We are surrounded by addiction… truly!

Well, they are not the only ones suffering addiction, in fact, it’s far more widely spread that most people realise… and it very well could be you!  Right now!  Yes, you could be addicted and need help before your health is totally sabotaged.

This is a very important module and should not be missed.

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