Wellness Solutions Course Module 3

Wellness Solutions Course Module 3 contains:

  • Learn where good health starts.
  • What causes most health problems?
  • The tricks on replacing unhealthy options.
  • What does it mean to be regular?
  • Learn what your body really cries out for.
  • Understand high quality fibre foods.
  • Find out what is the number one chemical cocktail on our food crops and how to avoid it.
  • See which foods are ‘dirty’ and which are ‘clean’.
  • The fruits and vegetables that bring health and weight loss.
  • The best grains for health… at this stage!
  • Understanding the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates… and which to avoid.
  • Learning how to adapt your favourite recipes for greater health benefits.
  • Following the 80-20 rule.
  • Making the best choices by keeping your imagination in check.
  • Concerns with take-away and how to make the best choices.
  • Who is the real villain?.
  • Which are the healthiest fats and oils to eat.
  • Which fats or oils should be avoided like the plague?
  • Are these ‘Healthy Oils’ really healthy?
  • Understanding and applying good fats in your diet.
  • Some of the best omega-3 sources.
  • Which are the best fats to cook with.
  • Discussing farmed versus wild-caught fish.
  • Cycle of change – where are you today?
  • Are you aware of deceptive marketing?
  • Seven common deceptions
  • Are the authorities working for or against us?
  • Are you ready?

Module 3 examines closely what is required for us to experience a healthy bowel.  ‘All disease starts in the bowel’ was quoted by Hippocrates long ago, and now modern science agrees.

An important module as we work our way through these easy to understand lessons, written in layman’s terms, full of colourful illustrations to help the most visual person understand.

There is a minefield regarding fats and oils and their claims.  Waste no more time heading in the wrong direction.  Do yourself a huge favour and consume that which your body craves.  Many types of fats are very healthy for the body and are so yummy to eat… so why wouldn’t you?

Let’s look at the cycle of change.  Many times we are tempted to give up because we don’t understand what is going on within us.  You will soon get the message and be able to flow with the cycle.  Don’t give  up on something as important as your health.  Your body will pay you back for your goodness to it one hundred fold.

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