Module 6

Wellness Solutions Course Module 4 contains:

  • The building blocks of protein.
  • A little food combining strategy.
  • Simple meal planning ideas.
  • Simple, smart snacks.
  • Know the simple rules.
  • When it’s best to eat, and when it’s best not to.
  • A brilliant gut-healing fluid that tastes so yum.
  • Improving digestion, allergies, brain and immune health.
  • Maintaining skin elasticity and strength.
  • Nutrition in – toxins out!
  • Deciphering food labels.
  • A nightmarish ingredient and its many names.
  • A diet we can  learn from.
  • What is a serve?
  • Learning the good habits that will change your life.
  • How much protein should we eat?
  • Find out what increases your risk of bowel cancer.

Eating for wellness is not something that’s really hard to do, or something that means you need to eat like a rabbit!  Some people have it in their head that healthy eating is boring, especially if you want really tasty foods.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many people are not sure what healthy food really is.  They think it’s going to be something strange!  When you say it’s healthy, they wonder if it’s going to taste good!  

To be healthy, we need to learn what foods to eliminate.  That doesn’t mean you’ll go hungry because all the ‘good foods’ have been taken away!  No, not at all!  In fact, you will find you are more satisfied than ever.  Virtually any recipe can be made into a healthier version with just a little thought.  We’ll take a look at that.

The truth is we eat too much food.  While millions around the world are starving, we are often over-indulging.  This is a very sad fact.  We’ll take a look at the ‘window for eating’.

What we drink is a huge part of our general diet.  What we don’t drink is also very important… from those drinks that we are better off eliminating to those that will build our health out of sight.

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