Module 6

Wellness Solutions Course Module 6 contains:

  1. Unhappy plight of many dairy cows.
  2. Differences between the milk straight from the cow and conventional milk.
  3. The debate for and against dairy milk.
  4. Milk alternatives… the good and the bad.
  5. Incredible benefits of cultured foods.
  6. Essential supplementation to restore our balance.
  7. The benefits of bugs in your gut.
  8. List of probiotic killers.
  9. Probiotics versus Prebiotics.
  10. Resistant Starch – what’s that?
  11. Are potatoes good or bad?
  12. How to give our body a helping hand to detoxify us.
  13. The Seven Pillars of Health – revisited

In this lesson we delve into the dairy industry and try to work out whether we should, or should not, be consuming dairy.  We look into the debates and examine certain facts that we all need to know.

We’ll take some time to discover the goodness of cultured foods and why they should be an integral ingredient in our daily diet.

Do you know the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?  Many don’t.  So this lesson will leave you in no doubt about what they are, and what you should be consuming on your quest for health.

Potatoes often come under fire… don’t eat them!  Do eat them!  What should we do?  I’ll explain the dilemma, and explain about resistant starch too.

Detoxification is a big one.  Do our bodies need to be detoxified?  How often should we do it?  How do we go about it?  Millions of questions, with a number of simple answers!

Finally, we’ll go back and revisit the Pillars of Health so you can see if your health is improving.  

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