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How do you become slim naturally?  Sometimes it feels like the whole world is trying to reduce weight, but the more they try, the fatter they get! It’s not normal.  There is something wrong.  Have you ever asked yourself why this is happening?  In this day and age of “low fat” everything, why is it that so many still struggle to become slim naturally?

Maybe, just maybe, we aren’t being told the truth!

I’m keen to take a look at some of the reasons behind this and to share what’s actually working for me. I don’t have the latest, greatest diet plan to offer you, but I do have some tips that may help you, after all it’s never just one reason, but a variety.  That’s why I want to look at our lifestyle and see what is happening there.

It’s really very unfortunate that companies; the media, and even our own local doctors, are all telling us the way to slim down is to cut down on saturated fat… the very fat we need if we want health!   I’m sure doctors in general mean well, but unfortunately although they are extremely learned people, they lack knowledge about the food we eat.  Not all of them, thank goodness, but most!

And then on top of that, the media pick it up and run with it.  We all know that people in general will believe everything they hear on the telly as if it’s the Word of God.

Become slim naturally by eating good food

So here we are living in this day of enlightenment, being fed lies one after the other.  They tell us what is good for us and what is bad.  The agenda is not human health but the lining of certain pockets!  Almost anything goes to that end.

“Low fat” food only brings harm, not health.  For ages they convinced us that saturated fat was bad for the heart. To counteract it, companies brought out vegetable oils and margarine, which most of us began using believing it was for the best.  For years, and even still now, people have fallen for this, religiously eating “low fat” everything and drinking “diet” drinks, and using “healthy” canola oil!

But what has happened?

People are no longer overweight… they are now obese!

It’s time to learn the truth about our food, and stop believing all the incorrect hype we are fed daily from the ads on telly, through to the large writing on virtually all the packets, bottles, and tinned foods that line the shelves in our local supermarkets.


Have you tried everything else in the book?

Stop yo-yo dieting

Are you still caught up in the yo-yo way of losing weight… take it off, put it on…. take it back off, put it back on. Ugh!  That’s yukky!  Depresses me just thinking about it.

You may be asking yourself if I am lovely and slim like a model, and my answer is “no!” Actually, I would never want to be like that. As I continue to be mindful of what I eat, it keeps my weight within the confines of where it should be. Sometimes I add a bit, and sometimes I go down, but always within the correct limits.

You see, I’ve lost the ‘diet to lose weight’ consciousness… and instead I ‘eat for my health’s sake’!

When you eat correctly, the weight falling off you is just a side issue… but one that you can be extremely happy with.

I’ve been documenting within these pages just what it is that I have found to be working for me.  I’m very aware that we are all different… our bodies work differently, but sometimes it’s worth taking a look at what someone else is doing and learning from them.  If you apply it to your lifestyle and it doesn’t work for you, no worries.  Not everything will.  

You need to let us know what you’ve been experiencing, because we can all learn from each other.  So let’s share in the comments down below.  To me it’s truly wonderful to become slim naturally without all the drama of dieting.  How about you?

Warm regards,

Marilyn Williams of Mouthful Matters
Marilyn Williams
Certified Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant


8 Thoughts to “Become Slim Naturally”

  1. John Rundle

    I’ve found some exercises from the Tai Chi series very useful. Shibashi 1 consists of 18 simple, relaxing exercises that can be done to a personal level of comfort and are greatly beneficial. I’m sure they contributed to a very quick recovery from heart surgery some four years ago, and the benefits in overall wellness were such that I have continued with them ever since. There are many other exercises in the various groups. The philosophy is well worth researching.

    1. Thanks John.. I certainly will at that!

      Update: Please view

  2. Jacob Flannigan

    You should just try Sensa it’s sooo easy and not a diet. You could eat whteaver you want with it, but the trick is, you won’t finish that meal.(:

    1. Jacob, I keep away from all powders and stick with real whole foods. My preference.

  3. Thanks for the tips buddy. I hope it will work for me. I am currently 210lbs want to me 160lbs

    1. I hope it works our well for you too! Just don’t give up!

  4. edithharvey

    I want to become slim naturally… can you tell me how to do it?

    1. Marilyn Williams

      In a nutshell… don’t believe all the hype you hear on the media regarding health. Eat natural foods that your grandparents would recognise as food. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water. And… I wouldn’t ‘graze’ all day as you never know when to stop… eating 3 main filling meals per day gives your body the break it deserves in between meals. Hope that helps. Oh… and follow my other posts as there’s a lot of information there.

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