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Do we have a choice in what we eat or what happens in our life?  Certainly, to a degree, everything that happens to you, be it in your health or your general life, comes about by the previous choices you have made.

It’s hard sometimes to take the blame when things go wrong.  It’s much easier to place the blame on others, isn’t it?

Every day without fail, you are faced with countless choices.  You have to make a decision, one way or another.

For example… Do we have a choice about owning a puppy?

Do we have a choice
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Or… do we have a choice about having kids?

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Do we have a choice in what we eat?

Although sometimes we feel we are pushed for choices, the reality is that there is always a better way.  We just need to learn to make the best choice available to us.

How about if you want to become healthier.  You can begin by asking yourself this question before you put anything into your mouth:

‘Will this (item) build my health or bring health decay?’

You need to know that each mouthful matters and will do one of two things… build up, or tear down.

Did you know that often when you are longing for a biscuit, all you really need is a drink of water?

That’s right… we often mistake our thirst cue for the need of food!

We certainly do have a choice about what goes into our mouth.  The only thing standing between what you do, and whether you do it, are the choices made by you.

Choose wisely!

But I do understand that many people have no idea what foods are healthy for the body, and which they should never eat.

With people leading busy lifestyles, fast food becomes an easier option… especially if you are arriving home late and really can’t be bothered.  

But remember, you do have a choice?

Think forward and prepare healthy meals and place them in your freezer just for these occasions.  It’s not too hard to whip it out of the freezer and into the oven to reheat while you go and get changed.  You can enjoy a relaxing drink and talk with your partner or kids.  Take 5 minutes to create a nice colourful salad, and dinner’s done!

Ever thought of taking a course and teaching yourself how to eat healthy?

Do we have a choice?  The answer is “Definitely!”  But what choices are you going to make?



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