Healthy Drinks to choose from daily

Here are some healthy drinks I choose from throughout the day to build my health and help me with weight management. I don’t try to drink them all of-course as that would be ridiculous, but let me show you what I would do

Healthy Drinks to Choose

Healthy drinks in the morning

  1. Ginger Honey & Lemon Tea   This is my first morning drink and do I look forward to it!  It tastes so beautiful.  It’s full of antioxidants and I find it really gets me “moving” if you know what I mean.
  2. Water
    Up until about 11am I drink as much water as I can.  This is the time of day that you are cleansing and the water helps to flush everything through.
  3. Carrot Vegetable Juice       
    I make up enough carrot juice to last me for upwards of 5 days.  I know when you drink it straight away you receive more vitamins and minerals out of it, so at that time I always drink a small glass. Do you know that although you lose a few vitamins by leaving it sit, there are some other really good things that happen during the sitting period.  The carrot juice begins its fermentation process and makes other vitamins more available to your body.  I don’t mean that it goes “off” although I do think that after 5 days it would start to go off.  Up until that time it always tastes good.  To the carrot juice I like to add other veges – just depends what I have around at the time.

    Healthy drinks in the Afternoon

  4. Kombucha
    With my lunch I like a small glass of Kombucha.  I love it when I make it with ginger, although plain is real good too.  Sometimes I try other natural flavours in it, but so far ginger is my favourite.
  5. Hot Carob/Raw Chocolate (Cacao)/Chai
    After my lunch now as it’s beginning to cool down, I like to  have a hot Carob or Cacao drink.  Many times I simply mix them together!  Both Carob and Cacao have a lot of nutrition in them with Cacao being one of the highest of all antioxidants you can find.  All that and it tastes so darn good.  Carob is naturally sweet so I don’t add any sweetener to it, but Cacao is naturally bitter (think very dark chocolate), so to this I add a drop of Stevia.  Oh, and I usually use coconut milk.
  6. Iced Tea
    In the hotter months I was enjoying home-made iced tea.  I would combine about 5 different high antioxidant teas and make up a litre or more and save it in the fridge.  Sometimes I would drink it just as it is, or other times add some mineral water and maybe a dash of a home-made non-sweetened cordial for something different.
  7. Water (filtered)
    More water during the afternoon interspersed with maybe Coconut Water.  A good idea is to have a glass of water (can be naturally flavoured if you like) before you have a glass of something else.  Just makes sure your water intake is right up there where it needs to be.
  8. Minerals/Spirulina/Moringa/Chlorella with Water
    About half an hour before my dinner I usually make up a glass of water with a packet of sparkling minerals – supa berry. and a spoonful of spirulina/moringa/chlorella that I have on hand mixed together.  Yummy!

    Healthy drinks in the Evening

  9. Water Kefir
    If I have any made I usually like a small glass of this to sip with my dinner.
  10. Blood Tonic
    Immediately after my meal I’ll drink a shot of home-made Blood Tonic (Beetroot and Red Wine), together with a couple of Vitamin C pills and maybe a Cod Liver Oil Capsule.  The Blood Tonic also helps to digest heavy meals if you’re having one.  The Vitamin C stops any build up of Uric Acid.
  11. Chamomile Tea
    Last but not least I like to finish the day off with a nice Chamomile Tea.  I never used to like it as I always felt it tasted like chaff… funny really because I’ve never actually eaten any chaff!  Anyway, I’ve found a nice blend with Vanilla – it tastes good.  Chamomile Tea is renowned for calming you down and helping you get a good sleep.
  12. Water (filtered)
    Yes, come to think of it, a glass of water before retiring is always good as long as you can take it and it doesn’t keep you up all night.


Don’t get caught in a rut!

There are just so many lovely drinks to drink that I feel it’s such a shame that people get themselves into such a rut.  They drink coffee or tea all day long!  Did you know that if you add milk to your tea that you are not receiving the good antioxidant benefits of it?  It’s better black, though I know that if you are used to the milk, the idea of black is repulsive.  Try it though, like me, you may be very surprised how nice and refreshing it is.

And at the same time, there is no need to only drink water all day long.  Water is good, don’t get me wrong, in fact it’s very good. But, there are many other drinks for you to enjoy.  They can include all sorts of lovely nutrition to aid your health.

In the spirit of making just one change at a time, I think what you drink is actually a good place to start.  You may look at my list and even wonder what some of them are.  Kombucha… Kefir… Blood Tonic… Cacao!  It is my plan to makes links through to all these different drinks so you can learn not only what they are, but how to make them.  I’ll work on this plan.Healthy Drinks

I wanted to add that for quite a long time I used to measure out 2 litres of water.  I would try to make sure I drank that each day.  But I got to thinking. Some years ago, my doctor friend told me they were taught in med school to drink as much water as you need to make your urine run clear.  Or near to clear.  I thought that’s all I really need to do.  If my urine is dark I drink more water.


Tune in to the ‘Thirst’ cue

We are told that by the time we feel thirsty it’s already too late – apparently you are already dehydrated.  In my opinion, and that’s all it is, we were given the “thirst alert” to warn us that it’s time to drink, so I think it’s strange that they say it’s already too late.  But… who am I to question?  No seriously, if you drink a glass of water before you eat, (often we mistake thirst for water) before you drink another type of drink, you won’t go too far wrong.

So no I don’t really know how much I drink but as long as my urine is not colouring up and I’m still going regularly, I don’t think I’m doing too much wrong.  You see, I don’t want you to think that you have to enter into something that’s so regimented that it becomes hard to do. No, let’s keep it simple.

If you are planning on following my suggestions, look through the list and work out what you can change. I mean for the better of-course.  Listen, you don’t have to follow my plan as it is above because even I don’t always follow it.  All I’ve done is give you a pretty rough idea of what I tend to do each day.  What you do needs to work for you, so adjust it accordingly.


Make sure every drink is healthy

Just make sure that every drink you drink is healthy.  If you are currently drinking soda drinks that would be about the best place to start.  No more soda drinks.  If that is too hard, cut down the amount you have each day.  If you usually drink 3, drink only 2.  Once that’s set in place and you can handle that, drop it down to 1… then finally to zero.  Make drinking sodas something that happens only on the occasion (not too many of those mind).  Replace them with a healthy alternative.  If it’s fizz you like, learn to make Kombucha… or Kefir.  Add mineral or soda water to a drink so that sends a bubble or two up your nose.  You’ll get used to it, trust me… and you’ll feel so good that you won’t be drawn to soda drinks anymore.

And finally, let me just say… you won’t reach for the soda if it’s not in your house.  So don’t buy them!  Leave them for the poor sucker who doesn’t know better.  You cannot be healthy and drink soda… it’s full of everything you don’t want in your body.  You’ll soon start to notice a drop in your weight… you’re clothes will begin to feel a little bit looser.

The list above does not include everything I have from time to time. I’m sure it will give you a really good idea.

Who has some other good healthy drinks they enjoy?  What are some healthy drinks that you can think of?  Please share in comments down below… love to hear from you.

Warm regards,

Marilyn Williams of Mouthful Matters




Marilyn Williams


2 Thoughts to “Healthy Drinks to Choose From Daily”

  1. Fikriyeg

    Can you explain what kombucha is? Do you buy it or is it something you make at home as your website suggests?

  2. Kombucha is available in the stores now and has been for quite some time. The reason it’s suggested you make it at home is that it’s so cheap to do so. Buying from the store gets quite expensive if you are wanting it every day.

    Kombucha is make using a jelly like substance called a scoby. It’s also referred to as a mushroom. You simply make up a batch of black tea, add sugar (yes ordinary white sugar as the scoby feeds on it) and leave it sit to ferment for a couple of weeks or so. The resulting substance is like a fizzy apple drink or something of that nature. The longer you leave it, the sourer it becomes until it tastes similar to vinegar.

    It’s very healthy and from a very old recipe.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

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