your health your choice toolkit

Does your head get into a spin when you try to think about what you should do to improve your health? Hmm… I understand how you feel,  so I’ve written up a chart which could become your “Your Health Your Choice – Toolkit“!  I encourage you to print it off so you can keep it on hand as I show you how to take some simple steps to a healthier life.

Your health your choice toolkit

This is what naturopathic nutrition is based on… using food as your medicine. It was designed to fuel us and keep us healthy, not only to satisfy our hunger.

For this to happen, your food needs to be of the highest quality possible.

You see when it all boils down, health is a choice… so what do you choose?

You can obtain a more comprehensive breakdown in Eating Your Way to Health.

This is designed more like a text book rather than reading like a book.  I hope you find it a handy reference. First I will list foods that you may be eating now, in alphabetical order, and then give you a better food choice.

Eating Your Way to Good Health – your Choice!

Instead of Beer or Spirits

Add a glass of Red Wine (if you consume alcohol)

Instead of  store-bought Biscuits, Cakes or Pies

– Make them at home using healthy ingredients like Coconut Flour and/or  Almond Flour

Instead of store-bought Bread, Rolls, Flat Breads, Pizzas

(made with wheat and/or soy, rye etc)
– Use breads made with Coconut Flour or Almond Flour

Instead of Butter

(salted or unsalted)
– Butter : grass-fed and organic
– or Avocado
– or Dipping Oil : such as Organic Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or Macadamia Oil

Instead of Canola or Vegetable Oils

– Use organic Coconut Oil : for all uses including cooking
– Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil : not for cooking
– Avocado Oil : not for cooking
– Macadamia Oil : not for cooking

Instead of Chips/Fries

(at restaurants or fast-food outlets)
– Choose a salad

Instead of Coffee

I(cut down at least)
– Use Raw Cacao (chocolate)
– Carob
– Home-made Chai

Instead of Desserts

(sugar laden)
– Use desserts : made with healthy ingredients

Instead of Dressings

(store bought)
– Use home made

Instead of no Exercise

– Add a simple routine!

Instead of Fruit

(imported or spray-laden)
– Use locally grown & organic if possible : eat fruit only when in season
– Organic
– Grow your own

Instead of eating no Fruit

– make a habit of eating a minimum of two pieces per day

Instead of Grains

– Make foods containing Coconut Flour, Almond Flour
– Quinoa
– Amaranth

Instead of Ice-Cream

(store bought)
– Use home-made with healthy ingredients
eg: frozen banana whipped with frozen berries

Instead of Juice

– Use Filtered Water
– Iced Tea (check the sweetener)
– Fruit Water
– Coconut Water
– Green Drinks

Instead of Junk Food

– choose healthier options meaning no Soda & no Fried Foods
– Eat at home more often
– Take a picnic of healthy food from home

Instead of Margarine

(any kind)
– Use Butter : grass-fed and organic

Instead of Meat

(grain-fed or feedlot)
– Use grass-fed meat with no growth hormones,
– organic if possible
– or eat no meat at all

Instead of Meat

(every night)
– cut down to 2-3 days only or even eat no meat at all
– Any variety of beans
– Eggs
– Cheeses
– Low-food-chain fish such as Sardines

Instead of Milk

, Pasteurized & Homogenized
– Use Raw Milk (if you have access to a cow)
– Goat’s Milk (if raw and unpasteurized)
– Nut Milks

Instead of Nuts

(roasted and salted)
– Use raw unsalted organic nuts
– add your own Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt

Instead of Popcorn

(microwave bags containing trans-fats)
– Use organic Corn Kernels popped in healthy oil/butter & flavoured naturally with herbs or spices

Instead of eating no Probiotic Foods

– Add Lacto-fermented Fruits &/or Vegetables
– Kefir
– Kombucha
– High quality Yogurt

Instead of eating no Salad

– Add a side salad or mains salad daily

Instead of Soda

(Fizzy Drinks)
– Use Kombucha
– Water Kefir drinks
– A home Soda Stream with natural flavourings

Instead of Soy Milk

– Use Nut Milks

Instead of Sugar (white) or Artificial Sugar

– Use Stevia
– Honey
– Maple Syrup
– Coconut Sugar
– Dates

Instead of Table Salt

– Use Himalayan Salt (preferably not cooked)
– or Celtic Sea Salt (preferably not cooked)

Instead of Tea

(with milk and white sugar)
– Use Black Tea : sweetened if necessary with natural sweetener like Stevia, Coconut Sugar, raw honey (in warm drink only)

Instead of Vegetables

(GMO, imported & spray laden)
– Use locally grown & organic if possible
– eat vegetables only when in season
– Organic
– Grow your own

Instead of Vegetables

(Cooked every day)
– Add some salad vegetables to your plate : with the cooked vegetables
– or a lovely salad on its own : with home-made dressings

Instead of Water

(from the tap, whether town or tank)
– Use Filtered Water

Take this course to build your health and help you prevent sickness and disease. It’s all a matter of changing ‘this’ for ‘that’!

Simple Steps to Your Health – Your Choice!

So many of us suffer with all manner of diseases and we wonder why while the truth in most cases is staring us in the face!  Change your life.  Change your circumstances.  Begin eating your way to good health!

My quest with this blog is to give you some simple steps to a healthier life.  It’s not rocket science… it’s simple knowledge we can all benefit from.  Every mouthful really does matter! It either builds you up or tears you down!

Our bodies have been wonderfully made, and certainly can take some abuse without it being immediately obvious. Keep abusing it, and it will definitely show in the long term.

Keep sickness and disease to a minimum by eating your way to health. As I said, it’s not rocket science… it’s simple really.

Your health your choice!


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