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Do you have trouble swallowing capsules?  I know many do, so organic colloidal minerals coming in liquid form is just perfect.

Known as ‘Liquid VeggieMin Concentrate’, it is the liquid form of ‘VeggieMin Capsules’ and is just as powerful.

Plant derived minerals are perfect, whether in capsule or liquid form as they are easy  to digest and absorb within the body.

This unique and pristine concentrate of 74 plus organic plant derived minerals preserved for thousands of years just for  us.  Furthermore, being kept away from our polluted modern day environment they are still pure and natural.  They are extracted from Senonian Vegetate – a shale like plant matter which contains over 74 plus plant derived minerals, including virtually everything from A to Z.

The super concentrated minerals are by far the most bio available source of minerals outside the fresh food chain.  Pure minerals have so much to offer including energy, vitality, healing and detoxing ability.

‘Senonian Vegetate’ means:

  • The word “Senonian” actually refers to a period of approximately 70 million years ago.  During this period the soil was a great deal more fertile than what it is now.  There were at least 84 minerals and possibly many more.
  • “Vegetate” means to sit or lie without thinking or doing,  You know how people sometimes say they just want to ‘sit and veg!”  They mean, they want to vegetate… not think or do.  Time out doing nothing.

70 million years ago… is our earth really that old? One wonders.

Plants washed into a valley lined both top and bottom with thick sandstone is producing the most wonderful concentrate of plant derived minerals ever found. Mother Nature preserved the minerals from leaching with the sandstone totally protecting them – a brilliant job of preservation.  Saving these minerals for such a time as this when our soils are aged, weathered, over farmed and often mistreated, we truly thank her.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, our soils contain only about 20 minerals… maybe even less which is about 1/4 to 1/5 of what it used to contain.

Liquid VeggieMin Concentrate is easy to take.  Just add 15mls into 200mls of water, juice or into a smoothie or any other beverage.  Moreover, adding them into salads or even used in cooking provide other great uses to help you receive all the nutrients you require. 

Being suitable for adults and children over the age of 3 years with the bottle containing 500 mls which provides 32 serves… approximately one month.


Organic Colloidal Minerals your body require:Liquid VeggieMin Concentrate - Organic Colloidal Minerals


  • Assists with fatigue
  • Critical in DNA synthesis
  • Energy production
  • Essential for hormone structure
  • Formation of blood and bone
  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Helps balance PH levels
  • Immune function
  • Keeps a healthy reproductive system
  • Maintenance of a healthy nerve system
  • Neutralizes toxic metal (detox)
  • Production of enzymes
  • Proper composition of body fluids
  • Regularity of heart beat
  • Regulates the cardiovascular system
  • Regulation of muscle tone
  • Sexual performance
  • Utilisation of vitamins and other nutrients

Mineral deficiencies show up through many symptoms of illness.  Are you aware that many sicknesses and diseases are related to a mineral deficiency?  It’s such a shame that this information is not widely known by the general public as I’m sure people are suffering a great deal just for the sake of good nutrition. With the state of our fresh foods not containing the amount of minerals they should, it’s easy to suffer a lack in some of them. Please check your symptoms here:

Mineral Deficiency Symptoms List

The ingredients within the organic colloidal minerals called Liquid VeggieMin Concentrate are 99.99% pure minerals, which are 98-100% absorbed by the body.  This means they will find their way to the area of need quickly and efficiently.    Do you take minerals?  If you do, please share with us what you have found as a result.

Marilyn Williams of Mouthful Matters


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  1. saralivine

    Sounds good. Like the idea that it’s liquid. I don’t like swallowing capsules.

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Neither do I Sara… you don’t even taste it in a drink.

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