plant derived minerals are easy to digest
Plant derived colloidal minerals are the only type of mineral to take for health.  Taking plant derived minerals is the smart way to go as they are the only type that are easily digested and absorbed into your body.
Unfortunately there are many mineral supplements available that are extremely hard for the body to digest. Unless the bottle specifically says they are from plant derived sources, most minerals bought from the pharmacy or health shops contain metallic minerals.  The absorption rate of this kind of mineral is very low, and as a result, younger people only absorb between 8 and 12%.  Likewise, people over the age of 40 only absorb between 3 to 5%. 
Consequently, this low absorption rate leaves a lot of minerals going to waste!
Metallic minerals come from soil, shells, ground up rocks, ancient sea beds, clay or limestone and are not regarded as food!  This means they regularly contain heavy metals which build up within the body and are quite difficult to flush out.
In comparison to metals, plants are food… and they are the key to the bio-available minerals our body requires.  Plants are very clever in that they are able to change metallic minerals into substances readily absorbed by the human and animal body. They draw metallic minerals up from the earth and through photosynthesis, change them into ‘colloidal minerals’.  This type of mineral delivers up to 98% bio-availability within the body. That’s a vast improvement!

Experiencing Symptoms?  Not sure why?

Are you lacking in one or more minerals?  Are you aware our body functions require many minerals on a daily basis?  Any deficiency in your mineral intake will result in your body sinking into all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. Check your symptoms against this list:

Mineral Deficiency Symptoms List

Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals are Easy to Digest and Absorb

Minerals are the catalyst for:
  • energy
  • enzyme function
  • protein digestion
  • metabolism
  • hormone production
  • cellular electrolyte impulses
  • and millions of other chemical reactions which help to generate the spark and life within us on a daily basis.

‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’ is a must see video which has been circulating the internet for many years, however, the information is just as relevant as ever.  Please take the time to watch it if you have not done so before, as it’s absolutely life-changing!

A wonderful video with wonderful information, don’t you agree?
All those plant derived colloidal minerals can put the spark back into your day.  If you are feeling tired and lethargic, your first thought should be… am I getting enough minerals in my diet?
If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to share or ask.  Did you check the Symptoms Checker?  Did you learn something there?  Share as we’d love to know.
 Marilyn Williams of Mouthful Matters


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  1. Jerilyn

    I have never understood what colloidal minerals are or where you find them. Thank you for sharing this post as it’s cleared up a few things for me. Thanks again!

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Hi Jerilyn, I’m so glad you now have a greater understanding about plant derived colloidal minerals. It’s a very important concept to understand so I’m glad you’ve got it! Thanks for sharing this. Marilyn

  2. Denita Mcelmury

    I saw ‘Dead Doctors don’t lie’ years ago. It was great to find it here on your website. Such useful information. Thanks.

    1. Marilyn Williams

      Ahh yes Denita… it’s sure very helpful, and so true. Glad you enjoyed it.

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