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You’ve obviously come here looking for some simple steps to a healthier life, and I’m glad you did. Here I write about how easy it is to enjoy better health; lose weight eating normal food; how to build your immune system naturally so you won’t fall victim to so many viruses and sicknesses… all by taking one step at a time to bring about changes in your eating habits.

Does this all sound too good to be true?

Do you wonder if you could really receive all this benefit just by paying attention to what goes in your mouth?
Simple steps to a healthier life

The only way you will ever find out for sure is to actually do it.  Come with me as I endeavour to help you on the same journey I’m travelling myself. 

I don’t talk about things I’ve not applied to my own life, otherwise all I’d have to do is search the Internet for a whole heap of stuff and throw it at you.  No!  That’s not what I’m about!

Lose Weight Eating Normal Healthy Food we were Designed to Eat

Common sense weight management

I’m sure if you are a little (or a lot) overweight you would have tried many diets.  I mean, they’re everywhere.  You know the ones.

Did you lose weight?  And if so, did you manage to keep it off?

If your answers are yes, and then no, we’d better take a closer look at what is happening when you go on those diets.

Generally speaking, you will lose weight no matter what diet you go on… at least for a little while.  As you may already be aware, I’m a Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant. I do a lot of research into natural foods and what they can achieve within the body, and then apply to myself what I learn.  If something doesn’t work, I toss it out.  If it does work for me then I’m confident to share what I’ve been doing.

But to me, from everything I’ve researched, studied and personal experience, the only way you will lose weight and keep it off, or make yourself healthier, is to make some serious life-changing decisions about the food you put in your mouth. 

Food doesn’t get into you any other way, and in most cases, nobody forces you to eat what you eat… it really all comes down to your own choices!

How much do you think about the type of food you’re eating?  I mean, really?

Do you eat according to whatever you feel like at the time, or do you stop and think first?

For example: You are out for the day and you can feel the munchies coming on.  Your partner suggests stopping for some fish and chips. 

Now the thought of those chips sounds good, so you agree OR… do you think to yourself, hmm…I’d be eating trans fats!  The fish is good up until they deep fry it in trans fats and wreck it. 

You really have to understand fast food that’s deep fried is working against whatever you may have been working on all week.

So what will you eat?  It’s a dilemma isn’t it?  I’ve been there and done that… what to have, especially when out!  Maybe about now you should read my post on Best Healthy Choices for Fast Food.

You see, we need to think carefully about what we’ll eat because if we don’t we’ll stuff ourselves with all the wrong things quicker than a wink.

So what are the “right things” to do to take simple steps to a healthier life


Spend some time within these pages where I’ve spent a lot of time putting together different choices we can make. 

First hop on over to Your Health, Your Choice – Toolkit which will give you lots of alternatives to make part of your daily life. 

I’ve written an eBook called Eating Your Way to Good Health and in there you will find lots of information to help you make the transition.


Healthy drinks provide extra energy

Do you ever wonder about the liquid you pour down your throat? 

Do you see it as “something wet” and don’t even give a thought to the consequences of what that fluid is doing to your body? 

This is really dangerous if you’re pouring in things like coke and sodas, sweet cordials etc. When I say dangerous, I actually mean it.

Your body wasn’t designed to deal with such things and you put it under an enormous amount of stress just trying to cope.

How would you like it if it was something that you could instantly relate to… for example: 

You are designed to breathe good fresh air… this is necessary for life.  What if someone/something holds you under water for awhile?  Water is not designed to go into your lungs as you know. 

Suddenly your whole body goes into stress mode and your only thought is to rise up out of it.  At that point in time you’re not thinking about anything else… only the fact of the need to breathe!

Now I know this is an extreme example to use when we’re discussing the fluid going into your body, but imagine what your poor liver is going through! 

It’s being overwhelmed as it tries to handle the foreign non-food ingredients that have suddenly flooded into it. 

Our kidneys too, as they struggle to deal with substances that are not designed for the human body.

Normally for us, out of sight, out of mind.  As we can’t see what our liver or kidneys are struggling with, we ignore it, and next time we’re thirsty we simply tip down another coke!

If we had some sort of meter that flashed on each time we had something to eat or drink that our body stresses over, things would be easier. 

But, our bodies are able to put up with a lot, at least in the short term.  Long term, it’s a different story. 

If you want sickness and disease, treating our bodies harshly long term is the way to get it.

But I know you certainly don’t want to be sick so you’d better take notice of what you’re doing?

Now I guess I’ve got you wondering what is good for you to drink… trip on over to Here are some Healthy Drinks to Choose for some ideas.


Simple steps to a healthier life causing you to look younger than you are

Would you like to remain youthful rather than looking older than your real age? I’m sure you would, in fact, I think that’s what all of us would like. Well, it’s not going to happen automatically no matter how much we want it.

Aging happens to us all and there’s no escaping it.  Each day that passes sees us one day older… and unfortunately, we don’t live forever, at least not here on this earth.  But many of the conditions we take for granted as being part of the aging process is nothing of the kind.

Just about everything is related to some kind of dietary deficiency.

Don’t you find that good news?  I know I do because it means that if there’s something lacking in my diet it’s within my control to fix it!  I like that! 

Of-course, if we don’t know it, then we simply don’t know it. 

“The people perish for a lack of knowledge!” (Hosea 4:6)

Ahh… so it’s knowledge we need!

Now that doesn’t mean that we all rush off and register at our nearest university.  No, but it does mean we need to be open to learn.


Simple steps to a healthier life - avoid wheat!

Have we ever considered the bread we eat?  Here are 2 articles that may be helpful.

  1. Will I lose weight if I stop eating bread?
  2. Stop eating bread and lose weight

On top of all this, what are they doing to our food supply?  Have you ever thought about the sprays and weed-killers that have been poured all over the vegetables and fruits you take home each week?

Do you think they would only use substances that are safe for humans?

Are you under the illusion that you have government departments looking out for you?

These are leading questions I’m asking you, but really you need to think about all these things. 

Because the truth is that there is no-one looking out for you at all… they are all more interested in the “bottom line” (money) then they are in whether you are going to be kept healthy of not.  Sorry.

Avoid GMO – One of the Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

Stop GMO

Genetically modified foods are very much with us and they expect us to consume these foods and ask no questions.  No-one knows the long-term effects of the consumption of these foods. 

Do you know they are running trials on it as we speak?  Yes they are!  Do you know who is taking part in those trials?  Is it rats, guinea pigs or any other animal?  Nope it’s not…

…it’s you and me!

If we don’t want to be part of their trials, best we ask questions and find out what we are eating and refuse to eat anything genetically modified.

The problem goes so much deeper than this also… let’s take wheat, corn or soy for example: 

Have you thought about all the foods that wheat or corn is added to throughout the food chain?  It’s horrifying to say the least. 

So it doesn’t only mean we need to avoid the straight product, but also avoid all the cans and packets that contain those products.  And… there are a lot of them.

If you want to be healthy, you need to learn to question everything.

Read every label.  Find out where food comes from and if it’s something you should consider consuming. 

Where did the ingredients come from? 

Where was it packed? 

Read the fine print, not the large print on the front of the can or packet.

Going to a local fruit and vegetable market should become, if possible, a part of your weekly plan. 

If you live in America and you’re buying goods shipped from Australia, how much nutrition do you believe is still there?  Truth is, not much. 

Buy locally wherever possible after you have ascertained that the food is not sprayed with Roundup or any other harmful weed-killer.

For more information go to GMO Foods to Avoid at all Costs.

Build your Immune System naturally

We often wonder how we can build our immune system so we don’t pick up every bug that comes our way. 

Once you begin to be conscious of the food you are eating you’ll find your immune system will naturally strengthen itself. How fantastic is this! 

So instead of thinking “what can I do to build my immune system?” think “how can I eat to nurture my body?”  That’s all.

Yes there is a lot to take in, so this is why I encourage you to take it one step at a time as each mouthful matters…and each mouthful makes a difference!

Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

It really is possible to lose weight eating normal food, we just need to be aware of the ingredients that go into that food. 

It’s the intention of this blog to bring understanding to the maze of information available.  As you build your immune system naturally, just think of how good it will be to not fall victim of everything that’s going around. 

I hope you enjoy taking some simple steps to a healthier life and please do share with us your progress.


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